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Charity Project 2012
August 4 2012
March 1 2013
Project info
Charity Project 2012
Textured Knots by Norah Gaughan
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
US 9 - 5.5 mm
Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted
735 yards in stash
13.5 skeins = 2835.0 yards (2592.3 meters), 1350 grams
AC Moore

Help support the project - Look us up and LIKE us on Facebook at

This project will help The Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp

Check them out, help them out, find out what they’re all about. They’re a little good for a child in this world.

The finished product will be raffled off at a date TBD. It depends how long it takes me to knit!

Stations visited:

Headquarters and Training: Light duty
Station 32: Linthicum
Station 12: Earliegh Heights (Christmas Day!)
Station 33: Glen Burnie
Station 09: Lothian
Station 11: Orchard Beach

3/1/13: If you want to see progress from start to finish, go to the Facebook page at Firefighter Charity Knits.

Blocked out to 52” x 71”

I did try to obtain as much of the same dye lot as I could, but with this many skeins it was impossible. Silly me - with this mass produced yarn I thought there should be little color difference. It’s definitely a hand-knit!

My initial idea is to open it up March 1, 2013 and close it midnight March 31, 2013. I’ll start with a list with 1 to 1000 and allow raffle ticket purchasers to choose their numbers - first come, first serve. If I run out of numbers I’ll open up more. Unfortunately the only way I can see making this containable (and fully separate from my own accounts) is to use PayPal. I don’t use that as a “bank” per se, so any incoming funds there will be for the raffle. Unfortunately they do take their own cut of money but so does everyone else. If anyone had any better ideas, they’ve been keeping them to themselves. This is the hard part! All proceeds will be sent to the Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp to use as they see fit for their young students!

The email address for raffle tickets on PayPal will be: EDIT: RAFFLE NOW CLOSED!

Please include your full name (in case of duplicates) and if you prefer any particular raffle numbers. Tickets will be $2.00 per ticket or 3 for $5.00.

Remember, raffle will end March 31, 2013. All funds sent after that will be returned! Winner will be posted on the Facebook page on April 1, 2013.

PS: That last picture was my Captain at my last assignment (Station 32) who “posed” with the project while I was out on a call. He thinks he has this raffle all wrapped up. By the way, he monitors the Firefighter Charity Knits Facebook page!

04/08/13: Today a check for $500 was sent to help burned children. If you purchased a raffle ticket for this project, a very heart-felt THANK YOU for your support. If you are just finding out about the project, look for the next one! $500 is nothing to sneeze at, but we can do better!

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August 4 2012
March 1 2013
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by Patons North America
100% Wool
210 yards / 100 grams
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