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Wide and narrow coat
July 24 2012
February 17 2013
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Wide and narrow coat
Wide and narrow coat by Setsuko Torii (鳥居節子)
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
AVRIL pépin Ichijoji Kyoto in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


Received the kit and book from Avril, Kyoto ZOOM ON KNIT TEXTURE by Setsuko Torii.
How wonderful! It is absolutely amazing! It is just the pattern….more Japanese than English. I guess I will first spend lots of time to get the pattern prepared for me to understand.

26 JUNE I will start a “journal” and try to understand the pattern and make lots of notes.

If there were just a group…

18 JULY started the journal and getting the picture together. I do have some open points which I am now waiting for a reply from Avril, Kyoto

20 JULY got a reply with great explanation but have some further questions. However, in the meantime I made the gauges. My stitches are correct, but i have more rows then I should have.
Cant wait to knit this pretty coat with the outstanding yarns.

24 JULY as I couldn’t wait anylonger I started the 1st pocket in purl and to my surprise the measurements are matching 100%!!!! I am busy writing down every step I do into my journal.

25 JULY finished the 2nd pocket and started with the left front of the coat.

28 JULY just finished the left front. I had to restart once as I misread the pattern, mixed up k’s & p’s! However, I love every stitch with this yarn, the colours and the pattern is just amazing! I really feel uncomfortable with the japanese charts as I always believe I am doing something wrong.

29 JULY started with the right front. Finished on 2 August.

5 AUG starting with the back side. Finished on 10 AUG

10 AUG started right sleeve

12 AUG started left sleeve

13 AUG finished knitting.

Next step is to do the blocking and weave in 100 of threads!

26 AUG finally iniciated with the blocking….

2 SEP I had the courage today to knit both front parts to the back part with the whip stitch and it looks great.

But I still have lots of ends to weave in and some further questions about the finishing to Avril.

5FEB’13 eventually I weaved in hunderds of threads! And knitted the pieces together.
Now I only have to finish off with both front parts - problem is I dont really know how and make the buttonhole plackets

17FEB finished!!!! I am surprised by myself! I can hardly believe that I have done this!!!!

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July 24 2012
February 17 2013
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