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Beluga Whale
"White Noise"
10 x 4 ft
Needle and yarn

‘I feel that there is a huge difference between what is on land and what is in the sea and that each in its own way looks completely surreal in the other. When one considers a beached whale, it looks completely bizarre and out of place, like it is from a different world altogether and some extremely weird accident must have happened to place it in ours. Similarly, aquariums are kind of odd to happen upon. I once visited Valencia’s Oceanographic Center and observed the belugas for an afternoon; now whenever I visit Valencia, I have this odd feeling that there is a beluga whale a couple of blocks to the left. And when I swim in the sea, I feel I am sneaking a peek into somewhere that isn’t mine at all and I feel like I should tiptoe.’

Come by Gitana Rosa Gallery, 19 Hope Street, Brooklyn to see her and some of my other works from february 11 to march 15 2011

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  • Project created: February 9, 2011
  • Finished: February 13, 2011
  • Updated: July 6, 2011