Renaissance sweater
August 23, 2015
February 22, 2017

Renaissance sweater

Project info
Renaissance by Kristen TenDyke
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Garnstudio DROPS Nepal
182 yards in stash
14.78 skeins = 1212.0 yards (1108.5 meters), 739 grams
YlloTyll in Uppsala, Uppsala län
May 2, 2015

16/7 - detailed calculations

Will do 3xl at the bottom and grade down to 1XL before the bust. A little worried that I don’t have enough yarn, as calculated from a straight 1XL. Maybe shortening the sleeves to match my shorter arms will work?

Thought about modifying to do this in the round, but figured I’d be happier just following the instructions.

Next up: swatching! There goes more yarn. :)

original calculations

1206 meters

Knitty gauage: 17 sts/24 rows = 4 inches in 2x6 Rib (k2, p6)

Pattern suggests 5.5 mm, yarn suggests 5.0

Drops Nepal @ 75 m / ball
17 balls = 442 kr

Note: shorten the sleeves so that the flare starts at the elbow = 3/4 sleeves

17-23/7 - Swatching

Pattern calls for 5.5 mm, so I tested with 5.0 mm karbonz. This was too big at 14.6 stitches / 10 cm. Tested every needle size down to 3.5 mm…

3.5 mm = 16 stitches / 10 cm

If there are fewer stitches per inch, it means the stitches are a little bit larger. I was worried about having too little ease, so hopefully this will work.

23/8 - I put this aside as I was knitting Fred’s monochrome sweater. I could go back and double check my math or I could do this in typical Hannah fashion and just started. :) Casting on!

26/8 - Figured out the issue I was having - turns out that the purl side is the right side. Keeping that in mind helps!


Finished the back! I think I slowed down on this for a while, just because I was afraid it was going to be too big. Holding it up against me, unblocked, it seems like a good fit.

Cast on for the front (2XL) and will downgrade to a 1XL at the same place I did on the back.

Loving the yarn. The purple has an interesting twist of plum to it and it feels divine.


Just about at the armholes on the front. Making progress!


I will admit to have been procrastinating as I didn’t want to write out all of the lines for the neckline and decreases for the front. Once I did write them all out, I really didn’t want to knit.

Tonight, I bit the bullet. It’s such a pretty sweater and I really want to wear it!

I found the pleat row a bit tricky. My solution was to use two different colored DPNs, because that helps me to remember which order I needed to take the stitches. Then patience and trying three or four times - thankfully, it’s wool so it’s easy enough to pick the stitches up again.


Picked this up again as I really wanted to wear it. So much has happened in the last few months!

Coming back to it let me understand the neckline decreases a lot better. I’m really glad I had written out each row (copy/pasted) and then printed it, so I can check it off as I go.

Only a few more rows for the front, then I can figure out the sleeves!


Picked this up and I think I’ve figured out where I left off on the first sleeve.

Blocking the body and sewing that together to see if it fits right before spending more time on this.


Cast off the second sleeve on Friday night, blocked yesteday. The sleeve width was correct when it was wet and has now shrunk down, so I’ll be curious how it comes out.

Trying to figure out how to seam together the shoulders now.


Still having trouble with the seaming. I tried just whip-stitching the shoulders together, but it’s really bulky.

This was a good explanation and I think it’ll be what I need to understand:


This has been sitting on the couch since November, just waiting for me to finish. Sewed up two more seams last night while watching Moana. Just one more side seam to go, then the neckline!

Let’s hope it even fits. :)


Wohoo! Finished the seaming and it does fit!

Just trying to figure out this back neckline.


OMG!!!! I finished!!!!!!!!

It’s not perfect. I didn’t do a great job of seaming - I’d never done it before and the reverse stockinette really threw me for a loop. I didn’t understand the directions for the back neckline, so just did an i-cord bind-off.

Much to my delight, it also fits! It’s incredibly low cut. The sleeves that I meant to be 3/4 are full length. But it fits!

I took initial pictures, but there’s a bit too much cleavage for sharing. More to come!

111g of yarn remaining. That means that I used not quite 15 balls for this project.

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August 23, 2015
February 22, 2017
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