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Beading Tool
January 2008
January 2008
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Beading Tool
Needles & yarn

I was fed up with using the fiddly little crochet hook to bead even before the first time I picked it up. This tool appeared in my mind, but I had no idea what sort of wire to use to make it… until my fiance restrung his guitar!

It works beautifully. No more crochet hook! No more fishing for beads! I load the tool up with beads, and they are easy to transport and quick to slip onto stitches.


  • one guitar string, of an appropriate gauge. I used the finest one from the set of strings my fiance was discarding. I understand violin strings also work. That little ring at the very end of the tool comes as part of the guitar string!

  • some beads to put on the end, if you’d like to make it prettier.

  • needle nose pliers and wire cutters

To make:

  1. Attach beads, if you’d like.

  2. Clip the wire to desired length plus 1”. I think mine is ~8”

  3. Use the pliers to bend the wire back on itself. Don’t crimp too hard, or the wire will snap.

  4. Hold the folded wire with the pliers, and use your fingers to open the “V” slightly, bending the wire enough that the beads can’t just slide off.

To use:

  1. Slip the stitch into the crook of the V.

  2. Slide it off the needle.

  3. Pinch the V in to slip one bead down onto the stitch.

  4. Slip the stitch back onto the needle, and remove the tool.

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January 2008
January 2008
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