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Le Petit Prince
July 17 2015
August 7 2016
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Le Petit Prince
1 The Doll's body by Arne & Carlos
Needles & yarn
7 stitches and 9 rows = 1 inch
Dale Garn Falk
116 yards in stash

2015-07-27 Finally managed to get my hands on some wool for stuffing, and have one little foot done. It is adorable! :-)
2015-08-16 I’m thoroughly stuck on the eyes. The little prince doesn’t have any pupils! That is not acceptable, but I do want to keep the pupil minimal. I knitted an eye on sz 0 needles and the pupil was too big. Libby has suggested embroidering a pupil on white felt. Not sure I can get any wool felt in this town, so I’ll probably have to make it. No worries - I have lots of white top! (aka stuffing)
2015-08-22 Libby’s idea worked well for the eyes. I made white wool felted discs, and embroidered black pupils. Since I cheated by giving Little Prince pupils, i feel like I shouldn’t give him eyelashes (proved by my experiment, which made him look like he’d had a bad cry with too much mascara on). I finished the body with 2 yards of pale peach left. Squeaker!


So a couple of weeks ago, I was carrying my project bag and a cup of tea upstairs, and dripped a drop of tea on the prince’s hand. It made a stain, of course, so I had to wash him. Overall he is no worse for wear, but now his neck is very wobbly. I had toyed with the idea of inserting some kind of stiffener, but I know my kids didn’t like feeling hard stuff inside their soft toys, and I just felt it wasn’t worth it. And I’m glad there weren’t any pipe cleaners inside him to get rusty from his bath. I’m going to try using a fine crochet hook to pull stuffing from his head and chest back into his neck. And I’m going to make a tight neck on his jumpsuit to help hold his head upright.


So, no amount of manipulation made the prince’s neck any stronger, and he’s been resting and watching me from his berth in a surprisingly large project bag (lots of bits and bobs required) for many weeks. Was finally inspired with a possible solution to his neck problem. I’ve wet felted a wool “cigar” and I’m going to conduct a crainectomy to unstuff his head, neck, and a significant portion of his chest to insert it. Here’s wishing the little guy luck!

The cigar weighs 9g, but it’s still slightly wet. Also, I’m afraid it’s a bit big for the job, but we’ll see. As best I can measure, it’s 5/8” in diameter.

One thing I am NOT going to do is rip back past the eyes. So the thing has to slide into place. If it won’t, I’ll just make a smaller one.


Finally got up the nerve to perform the crainectomy and it looks like the cigar implant is going to work exactly as I had hoped. It really fills up the neck cavity. I didn’t remove much stuffing from his chest, just shoved the thing in there. Since I took the photos, I’ve managed to shove it in another half inch. It seems nice and firm and his head is no longer floppy at all. SUCCESS!!

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July 17 2015
August 7 2016
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