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Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Ragge Yarn
2 skeins
Ragge Yarn
2 skeins
DAD in Odense C

They are now finished. My row-gauge was a bit off on the second sock, so the sock was not long enough when I reached the 7 inc. sts.

In stead I knitted a few rows with no increases until the sock was long enough and then continued the rest of the pattern.

Provincial cast-on-toe with 20 sts and 8 un-wrapped sts.

With 2nd colour:
1: k1, sl1 all round.
2: k1, p1 all round.
3 and all other rounds until 12,5 cm: st. st.

Make heel:
1: m1p, k20, m1p on needle 1, k rest of sts.
2: p1, k20, p1, k20.
3: P1, m1p, k20, m1p, p1, k20.
4: p2, k20, p2, k20
5: p2, m1p, k20, m1p, p2, k20
6: p3, k20, p3, k20
7: p3, m1p, k20, m1p, p3, k20
8; p4, k20, p4, k20
9: p4, m1p, k20, m1p, p4, k20
10: p5, k20, p5, k20
11: p5, m1p, k20, m1p, p5, k20
12: p6, k20, p6, k20
13: p6, m1p, k20, m1p, p6, k20
14: p7, k20, p7.

Turn heel: (work not in the round)
1: k19, w&t
2: sl1, p18, w&t
3: sl1, k17, w&t
4: sl1, p16, w&t
5: sl1, k15, w&t
6: sl1, p14, w&t
7: sl1, k13, w&t
8: sl1, p12, w&t
9: sl1, k11, w&t
10: sl1, p10, w&t
11: sl1, k9, w&t
12: sl1, p8, w&t
13: sl1, k8, pick up wraps on the 6 sts, p7, k20, p7. (notice that the last round 13 is worked in the round).

Change colour (cut the yarn):
1: pick up wraps on 6 first sts, k13, k2togtbl, turn.
2: sl1wyif, p1, sl1 wyib 9 times, p2tog, turn.
3: sl1wyib, k18, k2togtbl, turn
4: sl1wyif, p1, sl1 wyib 9 times, p2tog, turn,
5: sl1wib, k18, k2tog tbl, turn.
6: sl1wif, p1, sl1 wyib 9 times, p2tog, turn.
7: sl1wib, k18, k2tog tbl, turn.
8: sl1wif, p1, sl1 wyib 9 times, p2tog, turn.
9: sl1wib, k18, k2tog tbl, turn.
10: sl1wif, p1, sl1 wyib 9 times, p2tog, turn.
11: sl1wib, k18, k2tog tbl, turn.
12: sl1wif, p1, sl1 wyib 9 times, p2tog, turn.
13: sl1wib, k18, k2tog tbl, turn.
14: sl1wif, p1, sl1 wyib 9 times, p2tog, turn.
15:sl1wib, k19. You will now continue in the round.

Change colour and knit in st st for 1 round before knitting rib: k2, p2 until rib measures about 6 cm or about 16 rounds.

Change colour and knit back and forth in garter stitch until garter stitch measures about 9 cm - or you have 15 garter ridges from the right side.

I had one selveedge stitch where I purled the last stitch on every row, and slipped the first stitch wyi on evert row.

1: k11, w&t
2: k11
3: knit all sts, while picking up the one wrapped stitch.
4: Repeat last 3 rows and bind off.

I sewed a few rows on the grey garterstitch part - see picture.

Fra retsiden: tag 1 maske løst af med garnet foran, før garnet bagved og vend. Du har nu pakket masken ind. Tag denne maske løst af på næste pind.

Fra vrang siden: hold garnet bagved, løft næste maske løst af, vend arbejdet, så garnet følger med omkring masken og tag denne maske løst af.

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