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January 2007
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waste not want not

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A Recipe for Fish by April Broken
90 cm x 60 cm and growing
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Schoeller+Stahl Baby Merino
104 yards in stash
3 skeins = 312.0 yards (285.3 meters), 75 grams
Knit World Dunedin in Dunedin, Otago

if you follow the chart to flickr - you can view the chart of the fish - i’ve ‘improved’ the pattern a little to suit my own taste, straightening the tail a little with a double decrease … the little dip the fin did always made me think my fish were sad.

its growing, a slow food, slow cook, slow-knit project, made of sock yarn - yes sock yarn remnants.
I’ve got a mattress stitch invisible seaming tutorial for these fish on my blog,

91 fish sewn and 47 fish to sewn in some time, march 2009

and yes I’m still knitting fish - a few a week, then some weeks none, The blanket it is big enough for a baby’s car seat, but my family all wanted a larger blanket and it was a lot of work to give away, and then I thought I’d edge it with an i-cord when it was finally done - so its not finished yet.

late december 2008 - and I’m still knitting fish, I’ve modified the pattern a little replaced slanted decreases with a central double decrease, so my fishes tails don’t droop the way they did. I charted the change and listed it on my blog

Dec 2008 - 35 more fish to sew in …

and here is a link to how I sewed up the fish, I didn’t like the ridge of crocheting and wanted a good reversigle look (yes - i know the fish are not exactly reversible - but you know what I mean).
link text

Jan 2009 - I’ve just sewed in 53 more fish, and have heaps of sock yarn left overs to knit into fish … this might be one of slowest-knit projects of all time ……

Ocotober 2014, stitched, most of the remaining fish in place, blanket is now ten by twenty fish, maybe it’s done, maybe not.

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In progress
January 2007
work in progress
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by Schoeller+Stahl
100% Merino
104 yards / 25 grams

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