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March 1 2015
September 9 2015
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Style-a-knit Mustard Beauty
Svalbard by Bristol Ivy
Needles & yarn
Cornelia Hamilton Yarns Heaven's Hand Wool Classic

trying to get gauge. doing it the right way with blocking the swatch and everything.
Looks like I am going with the 4.5mm needles.
Read through the pattern once, this is going to be interesting. Also read up on the project notes, seems I am not the only one that finds it confusing. Nevertheless…here we go!
Attempt 1:
This is what I am wondering about, I knit 3, M1, then I am left with 4 stitches till the marker, the Sleeve setup chart does nothing to help me figure this out….so I am going with k3, p1 ( the cratridge rib), and maybe I get lucky.


Attempt 2:
who am I kidding, I am not going to figure this out! I am emailing for help.
Wow, it took 30 minutes (at 8PM), to get an answer. This is fantastic, I got written step- by- step instructions. And I am finally starting to understand the logic behind this. I will need a chart. I am writing a chart!

Coming along nicely.

And now for the separation….same issue as above, I am not sure how this works, I am not wasting any more time trying to figure it out on my own, back to asking for help.
Just as fast!
Off we go!

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March 1 2015
September 9 2015
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