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Knit apple pie
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Trader Joe's Pie Crusts

This Thanksgiving I decided to top all pies by knitting the lattice crust of my homemade spiced apple pie. It was kind of like being a kid playing with PlayDo all night in the kitchen… for 3 hours!

I used Trader Joe’s Pie Crust. The photo of it on the counter was just a test to see how it would work. After that I knit it directly onto the pie filling. At first I tried trips in and out of the freezer when the dough got too sticky, but in the end I just used it warm and gooey like PlayDo, rolling every few inches like a snake and sticking the ends together. Chop sticks and straws helped me work in the small spaces.

I struggled to brush the egg white on, then inspiration struck: why not put egg whites in the Misto? Voila! Fancy sugar sprinkles and some foil to prevent browning, and it came out perfectly, even holding up over night without collapsing, as apple pies are wont to do.

Thanks everyone for your great comments and support. And to all the naysayers: anyone who knits anything, or who marathon watches TV, or who does anything fun and involved has “too much time on their hands,” don’t you think?

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November 27 2013
November 27 2013
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