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Heart Blanket
November 5 2014
January 3 2015
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Heart Blanket
#33 Heart Blanket by Bonnie Franz
Common Threads Sample
Knitsurfer on ravelry
51" x 63"
Needles & yarn
US 8 - 5.0 mm
Noro Kureyon(くれよん)
21 skeins = 2310.0 yards (2112.3 meters), 1050 grams
Common Threads
November 5, 2014

Back ground colors are 328 and 310. Heart color is 352.

I am making this blanket in three stripes instead of separate squares. This way I will only have two seams instead of 70. The chart is 33 sts wide, I cast on 64 stitches, two stitches less since I will not need two seaming stitches. 32 sts where with color 328 and 32 sts are with 310. The two blocks are attached by knitting intarsia. The hearts are knit by weaving the background color behind the heart, which is like fair isle.

All these colors and the original colors of the blanket are available at Common Threads.

At two weeks in I am 1/6th of the way done. Half of the first panel is finished. I’m truly loving the colors. They are warm yet bright.

First panel done on Thanksgiving; November 28th. That’s 14 squares. Two more panels to go.

There are 8 rows below and 8 rows above the heart. Since I did not seam the squares my blanket is a little longer than the pattern. Now measures 63” by 17” wide. If you are worried about how Kureyon feels, don’t judge it until you have soaked it in Eucalan. What a difference it makes. It is so nice!

On New Years Day I am finishing up the last panel. Since I choose to weave the background color behind the heart I needed 1 more ball of each background color. Total yarn used was 7 balls of each color. That’s 21 balls. This blanket is going to my Podcast buddy Kelie. She is the best. ❤️

Another knitting tip; as you begin the heart weave the heart color one stitch past the heart into the background. That way when you work the return row the heart color will be ahead of the spot that requires the new colored stitch. This makes the edge of the heart look cleaner and more stable.

Go to this link to view videos on these techniques.

This blanket was so much fun to make I’m going to start a second one. Pictures to come.

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November 5 2014
January 3 2015
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