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August 21 2011
September 10 2011
Project info
Field Day Lazy Girl
Lazy Girl Shawl by Megan Peters
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
882 yards = 2.1 skeins
madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light
273 yards in stash
1.47 skeins = 617.4 yards (564.6 meters), 147 grams
The Loopy Ewe in Fort Collins, Colorado
August 1, 2011
madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light
67 yards in stash
0.63 skeins = 264.6 yards (242.0 meters), 63 grams
The Loopy Ewe
August 1, 2011

Finished Measurements: 60 inches across without the ruffle when measured across the top from tip to tip (70 inches with ruffle), 12 inches at widest point without the ruffle (17 inches with ruffle.)
See notes for details on yarn usage.

So this is a modifiable pattern…since I need at least 800 yards for this project to count, I’ll need to weigh everything, including my needles so I know when I can stop. All of my yarn weighs: 320g My size 5 KA needles with cord are: 4g. So to get at least 800 yards I will need to knit to the halfway point which is when my project weighs: about 100g including needles, cord and yarn. This will leave extra yarn left over, but if it is going quickly I can go bigger…it just needs to weigh AT LEAST 195g (including yarn, needles and cord) in order to qualify for the Camp Loopy Project.

8/23/2011 - 12:10pm I just weighed it…and found out that my project weighs 29g…that means that I am currently 14.5% of the way done…not bad considering that the rows are getting a little longer (one stitch every four rows on the main body section) and I’ve only been working on it for about two days…

8/24/2011 - only had a few minutes to work on this today. It weighs 34g so I am currently 17% done…and I have done 22 stripes of the lighter Wash color…(~1.36g per two color set of stripes)

8/26/2011 - project weighs 52g so subtract out the needles and I’m up to 48g which is 200 yards…this is 25%!!! Keep going!!!! I’m up to 34 stripes in the lighter Wash colorway. (~1.4g per two color set of stripes)

8/28/2011 - @4:00pm - project weighs 71g so subtract out the needles and I’m up to 67g which is 281 yards…this is over 35%! I’m up to 42 stripes of the lighter Wash colorway. (~1.6g per two color set of stripes) I’m guessing about 17 more two color sets before I can start decreasing.

8/31/2011 - Project weighs 88g or 84g without the needles…which is 352.8 yards!!!! WAHOOO!!! I’m ALMOST half way there!!! I currently have 53 two color sets so far. (~1.66g per two color set of stripes)

9/1/2011 - Exactly halfway through. Done with the first of two rows of Wash stripe #60, which puts it directly in the middle…and project weighs 102g …minus needles, which is 98g = 411.6 yards. Tomorrow I will start the decreases! All on the downhill now!! :)

9/2/2011 - ended up doing one more stripe…so #61 Wash stripes, just to be safe …somehow, though, I ended up with two more stitches than I should have. Thankfully, it shouldn’t matter too much but instead of 25 stitches on the ruffle, I have 26. And instead of 64 stitches after 61 rows on the main body part I have 65…huh. Weird.

9/4/2011 - On Wash Row #71. Been decreasing for 10 rows. SO glad that things are getting smaller. Am setting a goal of AT LEAST 6 stripe sets a day so I can make sure to finish in time. Hopefully I can knock out more than that and it will go even faster …

9/7/2011 - 6:55pm - On Wash Row #85 and weighing in at 155g. 80% done…but that’s only by weight. I still have 36 sets to go…I JUST finished my first ball of Terrarium. It’s amazing how much yarn the ruffle eats. :)
9:45pm - On Wash Row #91.

9/8/2011 - Finished through set #104. That means only 17 sets to go!!!! :) YEAH!

9/9/2011- 12:00pm -On set #108. Getting there …and dreaming of being done by tomorrow!!!! :)
9:30pm -on set #113 and project is weighing 204g, which means I’ve met the yardage requirement!! YEAH!! Now just to make this side look symmetrical to the other side by finishing the last 8 sets :)
BEDTIME - I’m up through set #117…ready to start Wash Row #118…so close I can taste it…but alas, I have to get to bed :) It will be done tomorrow!!!

9/10/2011 - 1:25pm …DONE!!!!! :) 210g = 882yds!

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August 21 2011
September 10 2011
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