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My First Hexagon Blanket
July 2008
April 2009
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My First Hexagon Blanket
Hexagon How-To by Lucy of Attic24
Hooks & yarn
3.75 mm (F)
Worsted (9 wpi)

2016 - scroll below for idea for half hexies for edge.

April 14, 2009 - I did 9 across and 14 rows down.
And I decided to make half hexies for the sides.

April 26, 2009 The border is done and I’m very happy with the final results. This will get saved until fall when I mail it to the Cheyenne River Reservation. It will keep someone warm during those cold South Dakota winters.

I’m joined them together on the 5th round as per Moonstitches directions.

Mine measure about 5.5” from point to point or about 5.5” from one side to the other - more or less.

Pictures of Half Hexies have disappeared from my blog so I am attaching the instructions here.

R1: 8 dc in a ring (however way you want to make the ring, I did a magic loop) Break yarn. DO NOT TURN

R2: Ch4, (2dc cluster in next DC, ch1) repeat 5x, ch1, dc in last dc. Break yarn do not turn.

R3: Ch3, dc in ch1 space, (ch1, 3dc’s in next ch 1 space) 5x, ch1, dc in ch1 space, dc in last dc. Break yarn.

R4: TURN hex motif to wrong side and start this row with a sc, ch2, (sc, ch3) 5x, ch2, sc in last stitch, TURN

R5: Ch4, 3dc in ch2 space, (3dc in next ch3 space, 3dc, ch2, 3dc in next ch 3 space) 2x, 3dc in next ch3 space, 3 dc in last ch2 space, dc in last dc.

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July 2008
April 2009
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