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February 9 2010
May 1 2010
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18th Century Stockings by Mara Riley
Needle Size 0000
Needles & yarn
US 4/0 - 1.25 mm
Halcyon Yarn Pearl Cotton 5/2
Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine

I’ve decided to upload all the pictures to flickr. I’m taking one a day and that’s a little much for here! If you want to see daily growth, you can go there. I’m planning on comments there as well.

Milestones will be pictured here, of course!

4 February--Details forthcoming!

Still 4 February--Uh, yeah, I’m too lazy a swatcher. Still, it was fun even if 8 stitches per inch doesn’t work out the same as 10. And size 0000 needles are on their way…

I really hope the new needles work out to the size I thought it’d be, as I don’t want to recalculate!

8 February--Size 0000 needles have arrived! Early swatching suggests as small as 12 stitches per inch. I’m fully swatching this time though. No repeats of last time’s laziness.

Oh, Halcyon Yarns is great :)

14/15 February--I just made it past the knee! And found out I should add about another inch. I’m glad I double checked measurements while it’s still easy to add. I’m just doing two inches instead of one inch above the decreases for the calf.

18 February--Last night I started the two inches that’ll be knit with no increases or decreases. Almost to the widest part of the calf!

22 February--Ready to start the calf decreases, which I reworked because it looked like the ankle might be too tight. A little loose is better, right? Anyway, it’s stiff enough that it can be. Next picture at the end of the calf decreases. Or once one of the clocks is done :)

19 March--I started the heel flap yesterday!

22 March--I just added a picture of the finished heel flap :)

29 March--It works! I can get it on and off. I’m so proud :)

1 April--The first one is done! I didn’t think I’d finish tonight, but when I thought I had about 15 rows before toe shaping I tried it on. Good thing because it was ready for toe shaping. And I finished!

Because I have such small gauge, I only decreased to 12 stitches at the toe, not 8 like the pattern said.

19 April--Plugging along! The clock on the second stocking is started :)

25 April--I started the heel flap yesterday--the end is in sight!

1 May 2010--And they’re done! In the washer right now. I’m not going to hit the completed button until I have pictures with a costume though. And I still need to weave in the end on the second stocking, but that’s being left for a bit so I can tell them apart!

20 May 2010--OK, I’m calling them officially done. I wanted a picture with costume but I went to a Regency dance last week and forgot to take good pictures! I always take stocking and garter shots! The current second picture is the best I have of them being worn :)

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February 9 2010
May 1 2010
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