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A Simple Sock 12
May 12, 2016
May 21, 2016
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A Simple Sock 12
My Mum
One Size
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
US 0 - 2.0 mm
307 yards = 0.67 skeins
Regia Twin Color
9 yards in stash
0.41 skeins = 188.3 yards (172.2 meters), 41 grams
EweKnit in Toronto, Ontario
January 15, 2013
Regia Twin Color
19 yards in stash
0.26 skeins = 119.3 yards (109.1 meters), 26 grams
EweKnit in Toronto, Ontario
January 7, 2013

Bust the Stash Project 15

This is set to be one bizarre sock - I’m using 2 self-striping yarns in TOTALLY different colourways (both of which are a bit on the ugly side, truth be told, even if the yarn is SUPER long wearing and comfortable). The thing that’ll tie this together is that the yarns are by the same brand (and same style). Also, sometimes crazy can work.

The other thing is that my ratio of available yarn (just about 75g - so on the edge of being enough) is 1:1.5. That means that I’ll be doing 2 rows of the light blue/grey yarn for every 3 rows of the brown/teal yarn.

I think this ratio (and the nature of the colourful yarn) will permit carrying up the yarn without visibility… Here’s to adventure!


Note: Need @4g of yarn for the toe decrease section. (Based on 6” of cuff tube taking 15g of yarn…)

Given that we’re going to be down to the wire with yarn on this project, it’s important to keep weighing on the scientific scale.


For the most part, I was able to carry the yarn up. Can’t say it looks gorgeous on the inside but it did the trick and prevented me from having to weave in a zillion ends. I did have to weave in about 10 ends per sock, just because I had the remnants of these yarns in a variety of little skeins. The finished sock looks very different than either of the originals. I like it. Won’t be doing this again soon, though. I do NOT like striping socks. Too much work. Takes the easy out of an easy sock project.

I did make these smaller than I needed to - I mean I had 4g of the blue yarn and 2g of the brown/green left. But better safe than sorry and my mum’s feet are smaller than mine.

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May 12, 2016
May 21, 2016
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