Aisance Cardigan
April 26, 2014
June 7, 2014

Aisance Cardigan

Project info
Aisance by Kirsten Johnstone
32.5 body, 30.5 sleeves
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Shibui Knits Staccato
5 yards in stash
6 skeins = 1146.0 yards (1047.9 meters), 300 grams
EweKnit in Toronto, Ontario
April 25, 2014

I’ll blog about this at…

June 7: It seems I used almost exactly 6 skeins of Shibui Staccato (very slightly less) which is 400 yards less yarn than the 1547 yards that the pattern calls for. I think the pattern inflates the need for yarn quite a bit. And I went down a needle size to get gauge!

Technical Details:

I knit the body to 10 inches from underarm, not 11.75, as instructed. This thing would be very long, between yarn drape, stretching on wear/post blocking at almost 12 inches. Unless you’re notably long in the waist, consider shortening this.

Furthermore, the fit on this is very forgiving. I made the 32.5 and wish I’d made the 30.5. I have narrow shoulders, short waist, small frame but proportionately large breasts (38”) and I think the 30.5 would fit fine in the bust.

Sleeves: Sara suggested that the sleeves on this sweater run loose so I decided to decrease from 70 stitches (the starting off point on the size 32.5) to 64 stitches over the first 7 rounds - 2 stitches on round 3, 2 on round 5 and 2 on round 7. Also decided to do the decrease row every 6th round (except for the first 2 decreases, after round 7, which fell on rounds 14 and 21. Note: For those I maintained the decrease round, as per pattern instructions, on the 7th round). I did this to make the sleeves smaller faster. Partly this is because my upper arms are fairly compact but also because I wanted the final sleeve to be about an inch shorter than the pattern calls for. Update: I lengthened the final sleeve by an inch at the end (at 44 stitches) by doing an additional 8 rounds. I wanted a bracelet length sleeve, I decided. So it’s more or less the sleeve length that the pattern calls for… I also did 4 rounds of rib at the end, before bind off. Even that seems paltry, but the pattern only calls for 2 rounds?! Don’t know how the fabric will keep from curling with only 2 rounds…

Short Rows:I switched up the short rows to ensure that the cardi front is less long than the pattern instructions would make it.

So, for left front shaping:
Short row 1 - 1 x, WT, work WS back to start (10 st from centre back)
Short row 2 - 1x, WT, work WS back to start (8 stitches from wrapped stitch in row 1)
Short row 3 - 24x (6 stitches from wrapped stitch in row 2 and then 6 stitches from every previous wrapped stitch for 24 repeats)


This is another garment I should probably frog because I never wear it. The colour washes me out and it pills when you look at it. Mind you, I did some good work on the construction of this garment and I cannot bring myself to unknit it at this point. Too bad as the yarn would be great for accessories (some of which I’ve made with the remnants of this yarn).


OK - so glad I kept this (let this be a life lesson!) because, having lost some weight and retried this sweater, I love the fit - and everything else about it. I may even make it again?!

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April 26, 2014
June 7, 2014
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