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Binary Scarf
May 6 2017
May 20 2017
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Binary Scarf
Binary by Michele Wang
Somebody male...
Small (Scarf)
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Quince & Co. Finch
13 yards in stash
2.66 skeins = 587.9 yards (537.6 meters), 133 grams
Quince and Co.
September 1, 2014

I don’t know if it’s the yarn (I used Quince Finch instead of BT) or the pattern but this really didn’t turn out as I would have liked. The stitch pattern doesn’t show optimally, IMO, even if the now-added photo makes it seem as if it does… That may be because I should have gone down a needle size and blocked less agressively. I wanted it to be 8 inches wide, min, which is what the small scarf version is supposed to be on a US 6 needle (I didn’t swatch - I wont’ swatch a scarf). I blocked to 9” and it shrank to 8” but it’s a loose knit. Also, it ended up blocking much longer than I was going for. If I were to make this again, I’d modify the pattern to be wider and shorter. But I’m unlikely to bother.

One other issue that potentially led to the outcome (because I couldn’t really tell what was going on with gauge till I blocked it) - the yarn had been frogged from a sweater and I didn’t wash it to get the kinks out before reknitting it in this project. If I’d known the finished object was going to look this “open”, I’d have gone down a needle size.


I won’t frog this again. I just don’t like the colour of the yarn enough to knit with it again. I really like Quince Finch, but not in this instance. I’ve just put the (dry) finished object in the dryer, on low, for 10 minutes to see if it might shrink lengthwise a bit. Here’s hoping it doesn’t shrink width-wise! In my past experience of Quince, it does shrink a lot, but it doesn’t felt (but that’s when dried from wet).

Update: Of course it shrank width-wise by 1” - so now it’s 7” wide vs the 9” I would prefer. It also shrank considerably length wise - by about 10” - so now it’s back to the pattern predicted 77” long. No felting.

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May 6 2017
May 20 2017
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