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Seed Stitch Mittens
November 15, 2015
November 29, 2015
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Seed Stitch Mittens
Seed Stitch Mittens + Hand Warmers by Purl Soho
Sandra F
Smaller than small (CO 29 st.)
Needles & yarn
US 5 - 3.75 mm
Rowan Super Fine Merino Aran
6 yards in stash
2 skeins = 186.0 yards (170.1 meters), 100 grams
EweKnit in Toronto, Ontario
October 29, 2015

So far I’m finding these mittens very pleasant to knit! Seed stitch is meditative when you get in the groove. The thumb opening is made using a technique I haven’t seen before. It’s so simple and easy to set up. But less easy to find the right legs of the live stitches you need to take off the waste yarn.

Alas - it’s a bitch to knit small diameter. I did magic loop because I cannot figure out how to use DPNs.


I’m making a smaller than small size (despite my large hands) because - between my loose knitting (necessitating going down a needle size) and the fact that I’m using aran weight yarn - I found the original number of cast on stitches for small (33) yielded a really wide circumference. Moreover, the yarn is super wash. It always loosens.


I’m sizing like this using aran weight yarn on size 5 needles, doing seed stitch:

Cast on 29 stitches

7.5 inches to thumb cast off to waste yarn (to hold stitches)

Number of stitches put on waste yarn: 4

5 inches from thumb cast on to tip of finger (i.e. where the decreases begin)


Knitting the mitten top

With my smaller than S/M size (29 st cast on), the tip of the mitten is made like this:

When you get to the correct height, the tip of the 3rd finger (5 inches from thumb opening), begin decrease rows of the tip:

Knit 1 round

Next round: K2tog, (k1, k2tog) repeat bracket to end of round (19 stitches)

Next round: K1, (k2tog), repeat bracket to end of round (10 st)

Next round: (k2tog), repeat from bracket to end of round (5 st)

Next round: Bind off by pulling the yarn through the 5 remaining stitches and weaving in the end.


When knitting thumb, make sure the needles point from right to left on the palm of the mitten (into the right legs of the relevant stitches). Pick up the extra 3 stitches on the side that looks like it needs it.

Don’t worry about whether you start with K1 or P1 as long as you maintain the seed stitch.

Make sure you pick up 3 extra stitches to maintain the seed stitch pattern.

Don’t worry about picking up the additional 2 stitches. Just stay at 11 stitches. You can stretch during blocking as necessary.

When casting off at the tip (after @2.6 inches):

Next Round: Knit.

Next Round: k1, (K2tog) 5 times -10 stitches remain

Next Round: K2tog 5 times. 5 stitches remain.

Next round: Bind off by pulling the yarn through the 5 remaining stitches and weaving in the end.


In the end, I gave these to my friend Sandra. I just don’t love mitts - which I knew before I started. I was hoping these would transcend all the others. I might try making these again, but prob not soon…

If I do, need to remember, for blocking:

  • L = 12.75” from tip to cuff
  • W = 3.75”
  • Thumb L = 3.25”
  • Thumb W = 1.5” flat (or 3” circumference)
  • L (thumb flap crease to tip of mitten) = 5”
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November 15, 2015
November 29, 2015
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