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Simple Fingerless Gloves
February 15 2016
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Simple Fingerless Gloves
Surly Sheep's Fingerless Gloves by Brooke Snow
Sandra K
Needles & yarn
US 9 - 5.5 mm
Misti Alpaca Chunky
0.73 skeins = 78.8 yards (72.1 meters), 73 grams
November 7, 2011

Bust the Stash Project 8

Use after making the cowl (with the excess yarn - predicted to be in the range of yardage required to make these gloves).


This is the easiest little pattern. You can make a pair in a couple of hours, easily and it gets rid of @75-100 yards of yarn. Not a bad supplement to a matching scarf. I’ve not made the thumb in this way before (there are so many ways to make gussets) and I find it really intuitive.


I made the top of the gloves and the top of the thumbs in seed stitch (to match the cowl I’m making with the rest of the stash). They look fine. I don’t love this yarn - it’s too itchy and hairy. Really liked it the last time I worked with it but, this time, I’m totally over it. Will not use it again.

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February 15 2016
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by Misti Alpaca
100% Alpaca
108 yards / 100 grams

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