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Asymmetric Pullover Take 2 (The Fitted Version)
November 13, 2016
December 21, 2016
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Asymmetric Pullover Take 2 (The Fitted Version)
Sweet Jane by Amy Miller
Put on the Lawn
Modified in every way - S/M mashup
Needles & yarn
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
US 2 - 2.75 mm
Ístex Kambgarn
57 yards in stash
6.6 skeins = 1077.1 yards (984.9 meters), 330 grams
Unknown - This was a gift
June 22, 2016

Gauge Swatching - Istex Kambgarn:

OK - on balance, there’s little difference in the horizontal gauge between the US 1.5 and 2 but the 2 creates a slightly more giving fabric. I prefer its drape AND I’m much closer to vertical gauge on this needle size than I am on the 1.5.

Use US 2 needle and do the second smallest size. Given my discrepancy in gauge (from that which the pattern recommends), the second size will produce a finished product that fits.

See Custom Fit for all of the gauge swatch details (pre and post blocking on US 4, US 2.5 and US 2.

Best needle size swatched on to date is the US 2 - Blocked gauge of 23.5st and 32R in 4”. That’s still quite off on the horizontal gauge so consider a) swatching on a US 1.5 (but that’s SMALL) or b) altering the size you make to account for gauge discrepancy. Probably start by doing one more swatch.


So I had all kinds of plans a) never to make another sweater and b) to use this yarn for the Nancy’s Vest (close to a sweater but on the sleeveless side of the equation).

Fact is, I love the lines of the Sweet Jane and I think, re-written with waist shaping and made about an inch longer, it’s going to work really well for me. My first version is cute, but too shapeless in the waist for my liking.

Great news about this yarn (which I like even better than Quince Chickadee) is that it’s a real sport-weight, unlike the Chickadee which is more of a DK, IMO. So this sweater, made to the same - very altered - dimensions as the last one (except for the waist-shaping, which will be a new mod, this go round) will fit better in the shoulders. The other one fits quite well but I want things to be a bit tighter in that area as the shoulder seams are just a smidge wider than I’d like, in the original, and the neck is too.


Man, I’ve invested a lot of mental effort in re-shaping and resizing this sweater. While I had a really good pattern to start with, the designer’s gauge and mine are in no way aligned and I’ve decided to go off-road to really refine this for my dimensions. Point is, I’ve got PAGES and page of notes both for the first version (which got me 80 per cent of the way there) and this version, which hopefully takes me the final 20 per cent.

It would be terrific to have a hand-knit sloper pattern I love - and actually wear - so that I could start to get adventuresome with it in the future i.e. colour work or cables.


Man there were a lot of ends to weave in! The finished project is all that! The fit is perfect.

Finished, post-blocked dimensions:

Shoulder to shoulder: 13.5” (not circumference!)
Length short side from under arm: 16.5”
Length long side from under arm: 23.5”
Bust: 36”
Waist: 33”
Hip: 36.5”
Arm length from under arm: 11.5”
Bicep circ: @11”


In the end, this yarn wasn’t optimal for this pattern - and my gauge wasn’t aligned with the designer’s. The waist shaping was also just weird, frankly. This was too big but also fitted and structured. Didn’t work on me so I finally put it on the lawn and now it has a new home.

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November 13, 2016
December 21, 2016
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