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Dendrobates Azureus meets Fernando Urena Rib
Drachenfeuer by Michael Schmidt
mothers Holiday gift
Needle and yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
SuperGarne Aktiv
1678.8 meters, 400 grams 4 skeins = 1836.0 yards (1678.8m)

The written pattern is available in German and English and very well explained. It’s a quite interesting and clever construction of nine segments.

I used a needle size 0,5 mm less than given in the pattern because the stitches seem to be more equal.

I’m curious what my mother will say about her gift.

The pattern is named after a Dominican Republic’s artist whose pictures show organic forms in “slices” .
The yarn colors seem like a blue dendrobates frog (some of the most poisening creatures) hidden under green leaves painted in the slicing manner of Urena Rib.

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November 25 2012
December 15 2012
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by Michael Schmidt
from Michael Schmidt's Ravelry Store
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by SuperGarne
Fingering / 4 ply
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
459 yards / 100 grams
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  • Project created: November 27, 2012
  • Finished: December 15, 2012
  • Updated: December 19, 2012