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Zwischen Biedermeier und Realismus
January 2012
March 2013
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Zwischen Biedermeier und Realismus
Eliza Shawl by Robyn Gallimore
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
2,075 yards = 4.75 skeins
Aade Lõng Artistic 8/2
1.75 skeins = 764.8 yards (699.3 meters), 175 grams
Aade Lõng Artistic 8/2
3 skeins = 1311.0 yards (1198.8 meters), 300 grams

I worked 11 motive panels instead of 9 because I need a real voluminous scarf. I also made a change on the hypothenuse border: instead of putting the knitside out to cover the steek I used the purl side to look complementary not contrary to the legs of the triangle.

The size has it’s result in the occasion I will wear the shawl.
The name means a historical era in Germany where politics changed from a romantic age (Biedermeier) to an enlightening era (Realismus). This change was caused by a Revolution in 1848 which had it’s outcome also in our small town. Every year in September we reenact this part of the 1848 Baden Revolution.
I’m representing a woman in Biedermeier clothing and hairstyle who tried to prevent the inhabitants from joining the fight against the Duke Troups.
The sleeves in Biedermeierclothing style were unpracticably voluminous so there were no cloakes but scarves, capes and stoles.
The spectacle is taking part three nights and two days and sometimes it’s really cold at night.
Our playgroup is on duty all over the time and often has to pose for television and magazine reporters. I have to sit frequently on cold mural and this is why I need something fitting for this use.
Most of the crocheted shawls they have in the wardrobe are neither long enough nor extended satisfactory to cover arms and back.

The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I got a gift certificate for Patternfish from a dear friend and gladly used it for the pattern.
I have my own style knitting fair-isle so I really enjoyed the work.

All those wailing about steeking is a bore. It’s a technique which is practised umpty thousand times so what?
All “I took my breath and finally cut” remembers me of hysterical behaviour.

I got a hint for trouble-free steeking from a woman who made cut-and-sew-knitwear. She advises to iron or steam the steek before cutting and sewing. She’s absolutely right: it’s a piece of cake to steek.
It’s important to put a piece of cloth between the knitted layers before cutting or put the knitting over the ironing board to avoid cutting into the wrong threads.

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January 2012
March 2013
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