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Jurassic Reloaded Part 2

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December 16 2012
December 18 2012
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Jurassic Reloaded Part 2
Hat-a-thon Simple Machine Knit Hat by Kathryn Boyle
Machine Knitting
8 years
Tools and equipment
standard gauge machine
WollService Lacotta
5 skeins = 800.0 yards (731.5 meters), 250 grams
Lanartus Inzlingen

Deutsch im Stricktagebuch vom 2. Jan. 2013
Kathrin’s pattern was taken as an inspiration and patterned with dinosaurs.
Making the punchcard took more time than knitting.
Dinosaur patterns are from Wendy Phillips and I was lucky at an eBay auktion.
I punched all patterns on one card and marked the beginnings. So it was easy to combine several creatures without fumbling with those tiny punchcard clips all the time. For the reversed part I turned the punchcard and also marked the starting row on the card. As you might see I did a botch-up with the second motive and sticked some tape over the mistakes.

Started with 122 needles and MK9 then changed to MK 10 when starting the stranded knitting.

The hat ist reversible so the wearer may chose which creature he wants to show and which color he’s in the mood for.

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December 16 2012
December 18 2012
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by WollService
Cotton, Wool
160 yards / 50 grams
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