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Bear with no name
July 2012
January 24 2014
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Bear with no name
Lollo the African Flower Bear by Heidi Bears
my youngest niece
51 cm
Hooks & yarn
2.25 mm (B)
2.0 mm
1.75 mm
1.25 mm
1.5 mm
sockyarn leftovers
Fingering (14 wpi)
2.3 skeins = 230 grams
purple, turquoise, brown, light gray-blue

Deutsch im Stricktagebuch vom 26. Januar 2014.
I totally underestimated time to mount the bear. And I had no idea that it would be so big.
Crocheting the patches was a piece of cake.
I started the project one year and a half ago and lost pleasure one day. When I reactivated work I thought there was not much to do because I already had worked the patches for arms, legs, half of the body and half of the head.
I needed another 14 days for mounting, what means I had to crochet every last row of every patch and put it together on the go.

All needle sizes were used and I may say that it was hard to hook fingering yarn with the smallest needle size. It always splitted the yarn.
If you’ll use thicker yarn mind the increasing size.

You want to know how long you will work on the bear? Take appr. 30 minutes for one patch including mounting (experienced crocheter). You’ll have 81 patches if I counted right. Add another 2 hours for stuffing and putting body, head and extremeties together.
I made arms and legs movable.

All was said about the pattern at other projects. It’s very detailed and you cannot fail with anything, great work of the designer!
I would suggest to make a “Management Summary” for experienced crocheters. Or do this for yourself.

If I work another, I’d leave out one tier of patches at arms and body, as others suggested. You then will have the expression of a younger bear.

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July 2012
January 24 2014
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