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Lore's Lila
Pygmalion by Hanne Falkenberg
Machine Knitting
Tools and equipment
standard gauge machine
3,290 yards = 20.06 skeins
SuperGarne Classico
13.26 skeins = 2175.2 yards (1989.0 meters), 663 grams
August 2011
SuperGarne Classico
3.4 skeins = 557.7 yards (510.0 meters), 170 grams
August 2011
SuperGarne Classico
3.4 skeins = 557.7 yards (510.0 meters), 170 grams
August 2011

Deutsch im Stricktagebuch vom 4. Nov. 2012
Machines can only achieve a limited width of the knitted parts so I had to experiment with several patterns to get the correct size of the cardigan. Tuck-stitch seemed to be the matching technique. I made some tests with standard punchcards coming with the machine and some punchcards I punched myself.

Result was: the more stitches are tucked the wider and fluffier the fabric gets. And the more rows had to be knitted.
For I didn’t want a too fleecy result I had choosen a pattern from Regine Faust, a famous knitwear and knitting-machine designer.

The Pygmalion pattern of Hanne Falkenberg was only an orientation for my design, I don’t own the original pattern neither ever saw it, but have a machine adaption with pattern drawings including measurements which I couldn’t use. So all was calculation based on the swatch.
I made narrower sleeves as given in the pattern.
The combined collar-pocket-parts really look nice even from the private side of the cardigan.

Tuck-stitch-fabric is awfully curling on each side so a handknitted rim in some garter rows with a rolling edge was attached.

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October 2012
November 1 2012
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by SuperGarne
75% Wool, 25% Polyester
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  • Project created: November 1, 2012
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