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Sonnengelb - a neccessary metamorphosis
our seats
Needles & yarn
DK (11 wpi)
a French wool factory
January 1980

Den ausführlichen deutschen Bericht kann man im Stricktagebuch lesen, Eintrag vom 29. Dez. 2010.
Decluttering my cellar I found a thing of which I couldn’t decide whether to keep it or throwing it away. I had not used it for a long time and I hate keeping things I cannot use. So I took it into the condo to take some pictures which I didn’t when I knitted this whole thing weighing nearly 6 kilograms.
When I was pregnant I worked this huge afghan in several cable and moss stitches.
A couple of shawls in different patterns were worked and sewn together afterwards. Also the border in moss stitch was stitched on for the perfect finish. The afghan has the size to cover our double bed but it always was heavy labour to arrange it on our bed every day. Its measurements were 2,40m x 2,60m.

After taking the pictures I decided to give our seats of the dining table new pillowcases.
I crammed the cover into the washing mashine to felt it. Then I cutted the afghan into pieces and began to sew. As you may see in the pictures I had competent help.
I was very glad that my old Pfaff sewing machine managed three felted layers. I made the pillowcases with “flap closures”.

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December 2010
December 2010
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