Azurit - Azurite
March 2011
March 2011

Azurit - Azurite

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Y-839 Kureyon Sock Yarn Skirt by Eisaku Noro & Co.,Ltd
Machine Knitting
Tools and equipment
test sockyarn handdyed from Wollerey
Fingering (14 wpi)
10 skeins = 2296.6 yards (2100.0 meters), 500 grams

Deutsche Beschreibung im Blogeintrag vom 3.April 2011
This yarn had been tried out on several machine-knitting projects: a sweater, a cardi with big collar, a poncho but all had been frogged and the yarn was stashed for some years.
Then I saw the skirt in a picture and it inspired me to give the yarn a try again.
I made some swatches with my Brother KH 830 and startet with the hip part. I had to increase at the hip side so that the hip selvage was 30% longer than the waist selvage. Then the beginning and the end of the knitted part were sewn with kitchener stitch.
From experience I know that lateral knitted pieces tend to lengthen the heavier the project is, so I didn’t make the stripes with too many short-rows and sts..

In the second stripe the short row distance was doubled for I didn’t want to end up too wide at the border. And it was not sure whether I had enough yarn for a gored skirt.

The second stripe was knitted straight to the hip part. The idea of sewing meters and meters of selvages was daunting just as the boring knitting of plain stockinette.
Those are the right tasks for a knitting machine.

After the second part I tried the skirt on and it fitted well. I made a ribbed waisband with holes for an elastic band which I colored with a permanent felt tip pencil in blue.
I continued with further stripes and doubled the distance between the short-rows.
The short rows were always knitted over half of the stitches.

The color of the yarn remembers me of an azurite which gives the skirt its name.
I finished the skirt with an I-cord border.

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March 2011
March 2011
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