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Sock bags
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I had a good idea for a bag, see, and it got a little bit out of hand. Also, I know that this is not actually knitting, but it’s for knitting, so it’s ok.

I’ve written a tutorial on making the bags, so check it out if you’re interested: part one and part two.
And I’ve made a little etsy shop, since I’ve heard from some folks who would like a bag but absolutely don’t like to sew:

If you end up making a bag, please share the photo with me and I’ll post it in a gallery on my blog.

The top two photos are the same bag, which is reversible, and is Rachel’s. The next one is Rho’s, the grey one is mine, the blue wavy one is Thorny’s, and the rest went into my Etsy shop. I may end up making seven million or so.

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November 2007
November 2007
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  • Project created: November 27, 2007
  • Finished: December 21, 2007
  • Updated: March 18, 2009