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Bacon and Egg Gloves

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June 2011
August 30 2011
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Bacon and Egg Gloves
Kate my co-worker
women's medium
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
Knit Picks Palette

Pattern is roughly:

Cast on 64 sts in bacon brown. Work corrugated ribbing, brown knit and beige purls to desired length.

Switch to white. Work one round of looped stitches. Knit one round plain.

Start thumb gusset by increasing two stitches on either side of center two stitches every third row. Work till there are 24 stitches in gusset.
Put 24 stitches on a holder, and cast on 2 stitches over the gap.

Knit plain to desired length. Finish with non-curling edge. I used: purl one row, k2 p2 rib on row, knit one row, k2 p2 rib one row, purl one row cast of purlwise.

Put thumb stitches on the needle, picking up 4 stitches at the cast on. Decrease away all four stitches over the next four rounds. Then purl one row, k2 p2 one row, purl one row cast off purlwise.

Make yoke: Cast on 8 stitches, divide among three needles.

Knit one row.
Make one in every stitch.
Knit a row.
K1, M1 around.
Knit a row. Continue increasing with sequentially more stitches between the increases until there are 7 stitches in each section.
Knit 3 rows plain. cast off.

Sew in ends. Sew yoke on glove, stuffing lightly.

Enjoy with orange juice!

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June 2011
August 30 2011
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by Knit Picks
100% Wool
231 yards / 50 grams
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