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2016 Worsted Blanket
May 13 2016
June 2 2016
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2016 Worsted Blanket
Blanket by Naomi Odean
Needles & yarn
US 9 - 5.5 mm
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted
1213 yards in stash
15.18 skeins = 1669.8 yards (1526.9 meters), 759 grams
163386 (20) / 172194 (10)
Knit Picks
April 30, 2016

The pattern does not give you what stitches are required for the left and right leaning decreases or for the cable. I used:
k2tog for the right leaning decrease;
ssk for the left leaning decrease; and
a twisted st for the cable - ktbl the 2nd st, leave on the needle, k the first st, and drop both sts from the needle.
I am also slipping the first st of every row to create a neat edge.

13 May 2016: Late Friday night I cast on the 180 sts for this pattern. By the time I finished that evening I had completed 22 rows of garter st using just over 1 ball of a 50g ball of yarn.
14 May 2016: Finished the garter st rows and started on the pattern. Accidentally did the lace panels and cable sections out of order. I started with a cable section instead of the lace panel and ended with another cable section. I also ended up with 12 garter sts on one side and 18 sts on the other side. Completed a total of 6 pattern repeats after using another ball of yarn.
15-18 May 2016: Took the project to Sydney while I was there for work for a couple of days. A long drive from Canberra for a day and a half of meetings and ship visits. Finished another 3 balls of yarn and have now completed a total of 19 pattern repeats.
19 May 2016: Finished the sixth and seventh balls of yarn by the 23rd pattern repeat. Currently measures 26” long by 41” wide (65cm x 102.5cm) unblocked.
19-22 May 2016: Finished the eighth and ninth balls of yarn by the 32nd pattern repeat. The blanket now reaches from the ground to my waist so I think I will need to use about another 4 or 5 balls of yarn to make it the size that I want/need.
23 May 2016: Only knitted 2 rows.
29 May 2016: Finished the 10th ball of yarn on the 35th pattern repeat.
30 May 2016: Finished the 11th ball of yarn. It appears that every 3.5 repeats I am using a ball of yarn which makes about 10cm of knitting. I am now on the 40th pattern repeat using the 12th ball of yarn.
31 May-02 Jun 2016: Finished the 14th ball just before I started on the garter st ending. In all I did 50 repeats of the pattern. Finished the 15th ball and started the 16th ball on the 22nd row of garter st. Completed 24 rows of garter st and bound off loosely. I had been trying to weave in the yarns ends as I was going so I only had 5 ends to weave in today.

Unblocked measurements: 144 x 114cm (57.5 x 45.5in)

My mother really liked the look of the blanket and asked me to send her the link to the pattern. She is going to use the pattern to do a bed scarf/runner at the foot of the bed.

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May 13 2016
June 2 2016
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