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2016 Worsted Acrylic Blanket
June 20 2016
October 29 2016
Project info
2016 Worsted Acrylic Blanket
Blanket by Naomi Odean
115cm (46") wide x 150cm tall (60")
Needles & yarn
US 9 - 5.5 mm
4 Seasons Marvel 12ply
699 yards in stash
8.79 skeins = 2127.2 yards (1945.1 meters), 879 grams
05(7) / 06 (7) / 11(8) / 14(3)
Spotlight in New South Wales
June 20, 2016


  1. First st of every row is slipped purlwise with yarn in front to create a neat edge.
  2. Did 2 set up rows instead of immediately going into the pattern after doing the 24 garter st rows.
  3. Doing stocking st between the pattern on the lace panel section instead of 4 garter sts.
  4. I am doing one extra repeat of the lace pattern (an extra 18sts).

Left leaning cable: ktbl 2nd st on left needle (leave on left needle), k 1st st on left needle and let both stitches slide to the right needle.
Left leaning decrease: ssk (slip the next 2 sts to the right needle knitwise, return to the left needle and ktbl)
Right leaning decrease: k2tog

20 Jun 2016: Cast on 198 sts using a stretchy method. Knitted about 8 rows of garter st with the first st being slipped purlwise wyif to create a neat edge.
21 Jun 2016: Finished the first 24 rows of garter st. Had one knot that I had to cut out. I also decided that I would do 2 set up rows before beginning the pattern, ie RS: k12 for the garter border, k12, (p2, k2, p2, k12) x 13, k12 for the garter border. WS: k12, p12, (k2, p2, k2, p12) x 13, k12. This meant that the decrease sts and cable don’t gather up the stitches below and cause a hump in the blanket. Finished for the evening after knitting one pattern repeat (took so long because I miscounted on the set up row and rather than “frog” back I unpicked the individual “wrong” stitch when I came to it and re-did it correctly).
22 Jun 2016: Finished 2 pattern repeats. Started second ball when I started the 2nd pattern repeat of the night.
23-25 Jun 2016: On the last right side row I started on the 3rd ball of yarn. Work now measures 13.5” / 34cm from cast on row. Finished for the night after having completed 16” / 41cm in total (11 lace pattern repeats).
26 Jun 2016: Did another two lace pattern repeats (total 13).
30 Jun 2016: Haven’t done any knitting this week since I had to have eye tests done on Monday. Took the blanket in to work and did a couple of rows while a work group were doing a quiz.
01 Jul 2016: Took the blanket with me to the dentist and did a few rows while I was waiting. I have now done 16 repeats of the lace pattern. Didn’t do any knitting on this project over the weekend. I have found that I don’t need to take the pattern with me anymore as I remember the fairly simple 6 row repeat pattern. If I am going to do the same number of repeats that I did the first time I did this pattern which was 50 repeats then I am only 32% into the project.
13 Oct 2016: Entered into the Watch Me WIP contest sponsored by Yarnbox.
21 Oct 2016: The Yarnbox WIP has started. Knitted about 5 repeats after work. I should have done more but I got caught up in reading a book called The Girl With All the Gifts which has been made into a movie. I thought it was a paranormal fantasy and didn’t realise until several pages in that it was a zombie book. I suppose that is what you get when you only have a small blurb on the back of the book to go off.
22 Oct 2016: Finished the 3rd ball of 100g yarn at the 22nd repeat.
23 Oct 2016: Finished the 4th ball of 100g yarn at the beginning of the 29th repeat. I’m having problems locating the last two balls of yarn. I may have to go to my LYS and buy some more.
24 Oct 2016: Finished the 32nd repeat (64% complete).
25 Oct 2016: Finished the 5th ball of 100g yarn at the end of the 35th repeat (70% complete). Knitted another couple of repeats before finishing for the night after completing the 37th repeat (75% complete).
26 Oct 2016: I knitted one repeat after work before I fell asleep in front of the TV (38 repeats or 76% complete).
27 Oct 2016: I knitted another 3 repeats (total 41 repeats for 82% completion).
28 Oct 2016: Completed another 7 repeats (total of 48 out 50 for 96% complete). Finished the 7th ball of yarn on the last row of the 48th pattern repeat.
29 Oct 2016: Completed the 50th pattern repeat. Did 2 rows similar to the set up rows where I knitted the knits and purled the purl sts. Then I started the 24 row garter stitch to finish off the blanket. I had to break open the 9th ball of yarn on the 23rd garter st row. Took an hour break from knitting and made 2 spooky Halloween mug hugs - a free pattern from Ms Elaineous. Finished the blanket after using 879g. Wove in all ends. Photos taken and Yarnbox WIP FO updated. As a celebration of finishing my first FO for the Yarnbox WIP I made another 2 mug hugs - No 1 with silver skulls on a black background with a red and gold backing - No 2 with peacock feathers on the front and a red and gold backing. Both of these mug hugs have a thin layer of batting between the front and back to help insulate my hand when holding a hot drink.
19 Dec 2016: Gifted to my step-father for Christmas 2016.
02 Jan 2017: Unfortunately my step-father passed away in the early hours of this morning after a long battle with cancer. He is now free from pain but it was sad to see him go.

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June 20 2016
October 29 2016
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