2013 Persian Tiles Wrap (2ply)
February 5, 2013
August 23, 2013

2013 Persian Tiles Wrap (2ply)

Project info
Persian Tiles by Jade Starmore
87cm wide x 177cm long
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
3,258 yards = 35.04 skeins
Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply
2656 yards in stash
16.44 skeins = 1528.9 yards (1398.0 meters), 411 grams
Virtual Yarns
January 15, 2013
Alice Starmore Hebridean 2 Ply
688 yards in stash
18.6 skeins = 1729.8 yards (1581.7 meters), 465 grams
Virtual Yarns
January 15, 2013

Used the two colour Italian cast on which results in an invisible cast on by hand-casting on (similar to “long tail”) in “knit” and “purl”video tutorial. Also decided to knit this flat rather than circular so I have taken out the “steeking” stitches and added in 3 “border” stitches each side and started with 5 rows of the one colour to provide a border at the beginning of the project. The kit I bought from Virtual Yarns contained 14 x 25g skeins of one colour and 9 x 25g skeins in another colour (totalling approx 1955m). I am not sure this is going to be enough to make a two-colour double knit reversible wrap. From Sat-Sunday I rewound the skeins into centre-pull balls ready to start.

05 Feb 2013: Started and completed 4 border rows only. Not sure if I like the two colour Italian cast on method. I started with only a very short tail but after I had knitted the first row I ended up with over 30cm of tail. However I do like the “invisible” effect this cast on method has. Found a couple of other methods of casting on that I want to try for other projects on Pinterest (Channel Island Cast On, Frilled Cast On and Twisted German Cast On).
14 Feb 2013: Only finished a total of 10 rows of pattern. I have to really concentrate when knitting this pattern flat. I need to remember that when I am knitting the odd rows I am knitting from left to right and the reverse of the pattern, ie where it calls for a MC I have to do a CC. And then when I am knitting the even rows I am knitting from right to left and exactly as the pattern calls for. Almost finished one ball of each colour (my stash is definitely not going to be enough).
21 Feb 2013: Started on the second ball of red yarn.
23 Feb 2013: See 2nd photo. Started on the second ball of yellow yarn. Now completed 30 rows. On the basis that one skein is doing approximately 4 inches I have ordered another 10 skein of each colour (this is only because I am deviating from the pattern).
24 Feb 2013: On the edge of one side of the project the reversible knitting isn’t closing. Figured out that I had done one too many stitches on one side so I have knitted one stitch from both sides together. This will allow a red from one side to wrap around the yellow from the other side on that edge (see 3rd and 4th photos).
05 Mar 2013: Completed 78 rows total. Went through a couple balls of each colour while in Brisbane, Queensland at a book convention. My extra skeins of 2ply have arrived from England with some being small skeins but equalling 10 skeins of each colour. I just have to rewind them into centre-pull balls.
10 Mar 2013: Completed 114 rows total (2 pattern repeats or 22%). Only another 7 pattern repeats or 356 rows or 78% to go. Have now used 4 skeins of each colour.
22 Apr 2013: Returned to this project after finishing the oak leaf shawl and rosebud baby jacket. Completed 143 rows total.
25 Apr 2013: Completed 174 rows total. I have now done three pattern repeats. I have used 6 skeins of red rattle and almost 6 skeins of corncrake. Ordered another 10 skeins of corncrake which should finish the project.
08 May 2013: Completed 247 rows total for over four pattern repeats or 53% of total project. I have now used 8 skeins of corncrake and 9 skeins of red rattle with a cost of £57.80 (£3.40 each).
10 May 2013: Completed 264 rows total or 55% or 5 pattern repeats using 9 skeins of corncrake and 10 skeins of red rattle. Work now measures 36” (92cm) long by 35” (88cm) wide therefore the end product should be approximately 6ft (180cm) long.
I work with a gentleman from the middle-east who has offered to provide me with other traditional Persian motifs that I might be able to make into patterns.
This project is going back on hold while I attempt the Sheelagh Shawl in 1ply Cobweb.
01 Jun 2013: Returned to working this project as the weather has turned very cool here in Canberra. By Sunday 02 Jun I had done 20 rows and started another skein of Red Rattle and Corncrake.
05-06 Jun 2013: Took project to Sydney for 2 days while I conducted 4 training sessions for work.
09Jun 2013: Took project to the Canberra Convention Centre to the Handmade Markets as they were holding a “Knit in Public” workshop. I started another skein of Red Rattle. The Canberra Times newspaper photographed a group of knitters on the steps inside the Centre which was fun. A lot of people came up to me and asked questions about this project.
13 Jun 2013: I have now completed 6.5 pattern repeats using 11 corncrake and 13 red rattle skeins.
17 Jun 2013: I have now completed 7 pattern repeats using 12 skeins of corncrake and 14 of red rattle.
05 Jul 2013: Project went on hold for a couple of weeks while I tried out a pattern that I won in the 12 Shawls in 12 Months Group (Many shields Shetland Lace Scarf). The weather has gotten even colder here in Canberra so I am coming back to the pattern. Only completed 25 rows before having to pack this project away again while I went to Darwin.
30 Jul 2013: returned after a couple of weeks’ break when I finished the Sheelagh shawl and the Many Shields Shetland Lace scarf.
1 Aug 2013: Finished my 14th skein of corncrake. I have completed 41 rows of the 8th pattern repeat. Only about another 72 rows to go.
2 Aug 2013: Finished my 16th skein of red rattle on the 49th row of the 8th pattern repeat. Stopped working on this project while I travelled to Perth.
16 Aug 2013: Finished my 15th skein of corn crake on the 19th row of the 9th pattern repeat. And the 17th skein of red rattle on the 26th row of the 9th pattern repeat.
20 Aug 2013: Finished my 16th skein of corn crake and my 18th skein of red rattle on the 49th row of the 9th pattern repeat.
21 Aug 2013: On hold while I go to Adelaide for a night and day for work.
23 Aug 2013: Finished knitting the 5 border rows. Googled how to do Kitchener stitch on a double knitting project. Wove in all loose ends.
Feb 2014: This is being entered into the Canberra Royal Show 2014.
22 Feb 2014: Won First Prize, Overall Reserve Champion and Show Champion at the Canberra Show. Ooh boy!!
Material cost approximately AU$230 and AU$52 for the hardcover book A Collector’s Item and took about 59 part days (about 3-4 hrs) and 22 full days (about 8-10 hrs) totalling approximately 353-456 hrs to complete. Oh man that is daunting when you add it all up.
08 Mar 2014: I was invited by a member of the NSW Knitters Guild to take this project to one of their monthly meetings in Queanbeyan, NSW. One of the members explained what each prize was that I received at the Canberra Royal Show - First Prize was for the sub-category that I entered (Category 325, Large Item, Handknitting), Show Champion was for the next category up (Non Professional - More Than 2 years Experience, Handknitting, ie categories 306-327) and the Overall Reserve Champion was basically second place for the next category up (Handknitting, ie categories 301-342) which means a lot more than I thought it did originally. All I can say is wow! I wasn’t expecting to receive anything and I got so much for one object.
I have entered this project in to the 2015 Royal Easter Show (Sydney).
14 Mar 2015: Drove from Canberra to Sydney to enter this in the show.
03 Apr 2015: The double-sided blanket appears to have won a third prize at the Sydney Easter Show. Just in front of the blanket appears to be another Jade Starmore design.

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February 5, 2013
August 23, 2013
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