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2016 The Teatime Blanket
June 5 2016
December 4 2016
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2016 The Teatime Blanket
The Teatime Blanket by Anne B Hanssen
125cm/50" x 145cm/58"
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Karoa Fibres AV4
4604 yards in stash
0.77 skeins = 2014.2 yards (1841.8 meters), 400 grams
Bus Depot Markets
May 15, 2016

05 Jun 2016: Using the cable cast on method I cast on 276 sts (2 more than pattern). I will be slipping the first stitch of every row. Did the beginning section of 28 rows before finishing for the night.
06 Jun 2016: Finished 2 cables.
07 Jun 2016: Only finished 1 cable today.
08 Jun 2016: Only did 1 cable again today.
08 Sep 2016: I made a promise to myself after I finished the Elementary Watson Socks that I would not start another project until I had finished some of my languishing projects. Well this is one of the projects that I am going to try and finish before I start any new projects. I am taking it in to work and will try and do a couple of rows during my lunch break. (Update 24 Nov 2016: I broke my promise a few times but I am finishing most of the new projects really quickly.)
09 Sep 2016: Knitted 2 rows during my lunch break.
12 Sep 2016: Knitted 4 rows during my lunch break.
13 Sep 2016: Finished the 6th cable.
15 Sep 2016: Finished the 7th cable.
16 Sep 2016: I was only able to do a couple of rows during my lunch break.
18 Sep 2016: Finished the 8th and 9th cables. If I was going to do as many repeats as the pattern suggests I would be almost 1/2 way through this project. However, the yarn is very fine and I am going to have to do more repeats than suggested.
21 Sep 2016: Knitted about 6 rows after work.
25 Sep 2016: Finished the 10th cable.
13 Oct 2016: Entered into the Watch Me WIP contest sponsored by Yarnbox.
24 Oct 2016: Knitted 4 rows during my lunch break.
25 Oct 2016: I was only able to knit 2 rows today.
31 Oct 2016: Knitted 2 rows during my lunch break today.
08 Nov 2016: Finished the 11th cable and started on the 13th.
09 Nov 2016: Finished the 12th cable and started on the 14th.
10 Nov 2016: Knitted a few rows at lunch but didn’t do any knitting when I got home after work. Instead I did some sewing, gardening and reading.
11 Nov 2016: Finished the 13th cable and started on the 15th.
12 Nov 2016: Finished the 14th and 15th cables and started on the 16th.
13 Nov 2016: Finished the 16th cable and started on the 17th.
14 Nov 2016: Finished the 17th cable.
15 Nov 2016: Only knitted 5 rows.
19 Nov 2016: Left this project for a couple of days while I finished knitting the border strips for the Aran Blanket KAL. Now that I have finished the knitting part of that project I have returned to this blanket. On the last row of the 17th cable.
23 Nov 2016: Finished the 18th cable and started on the 19th.
24 Nov 2016: Completed the 12th row of the 19th cable repeat. It is going to be longer than I was expecting so I am going to finish after the 20th cable repeat. I might even be able to finish it this weekend. My friend at work saw this the other day and said that she wanted it for her husband. I may have enough wool left over to make another one for myself.
25 Nov 2016: Finished the 19th cable and did a couple more rows before stopping for the night.
27 Nov 2016: Finished the 10th row of the last cable repeat.
28 Nov 2016: My friend has commissioned another 12” of cables (or an additional 6 pattern repeats). I was able to knit 2 rows while I was talking to her during the lunch break at work. When I got home I was able to complete the 20th and 21st cables. Another 5 cable repeats to go before the horizontal ribbed section.
29 Nov 2016: Knitted 2 rows at lunch and another 7 rows after work.
30 Nov 2016: Knitted 4 rows at lunch. Finished the 22nd and 23rd cable repeat after work.
01 Dec 2016: Finished 24th cable and started on 25th.
02-03 Dec 2016: Finished the 25th and 26th cables.
04 Dec 2016: Completed the 2 row ribbing to finish the blanket. I wet blocked the blanket fairly aggressively so that the cables were flat. Then left the blanket on the wires until it dried before giving it to my friend on 08 Dec.

Unblocked measurements: 82cm/33” wide x 129cm/52” long
Blocked measurements: 130cm/52” x 147.5cm/59” (these measurements are while wet blocking and will relax when the pins are released).
Final measurements: 125cm/50” x 145cm/58”
Yarn used: 399g

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June 5 2016
December 4 2016
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