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2017 Purple and Blue General Organa Cowl
February 13 2017
February 15 2017
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2017 Purple and Blue General Organa Cowl
Wildfire Smoke Ring by Virginia Catherall
Mark's wife
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
Mad Color Fiber Arts Mad Color Posse
491 yards in stash
0.44 skeins = 192.7 yards (176.2 meters), 44 grams
Mad Color Fiber Arts
February 10, 2017

Continuing to use the General Organa yarn from where I left off in the Silver Cowl.

13 Feb 2017: Cast on 136sts using the German Twisted method with the needles doubled. I was able to finish Row 4 of the Chart during my lunch break. Continued with the Chart when I got home. Finished for the evening after completing Row 17.
14 Feb 2017: Finished the Chart and started again. Finished for the night after completing Row 31 for the second time.
15 Feb 2017: I was able to complete Rows 32-41 during my lunch break. Finished the third repeat of Rows 14-28. Wove in yarn ends. Now blocking to measurements. Wet blocked fairly relaxed to exact measurements of the pattern (22” circumference x 12” high).
09 Mar 2017: My supervisor at work was trying to figure out what to give his wife for her birthday on the next day. I had several hats and two cowls in the sample bag I had brought to work that day and he snaffled up this cowl for his wife. I don’t think this was the only present he was giving his wife.

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February 13 2017
February 15 2017
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