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'Lil' Puddles'
November 18 2018
November 20 2018
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'Lil' Puddles'
Weebee Standard Size Baby Doll by Laura Tegg
My friend Karen - nickname 'Puddles'!
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)
Various 8ply Acrylic Yarns

My very dear friend graduated as a nurse practitioner and midwife recently… I made her a mascot doll in her likeness as a graduation present when she visited us in Australia this week on a whirlwind holiday!

The plaid pants are inspired by ‘Whistle and Ivy’s’ series of plaid patterns;

I made colour changes at the back of the legs and then centre back of the body.
Colour progression from shoes up;
Dark red for the shoes to the end of Rnd 11.
Then plaid - using black, royal blue and mid blue - til end of Rnd 22, royal blue to Rnd 32, then skin colour for the head.
I added a length of chain in royal blue around the neck.

To avoid increase lines on the bottom of the head, I ‘split’ or stagger the increases like this;
Up to Rnd 34: As per pattern.
Rnd 35: 2sc, inc, * (4sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 2sts - finish the round with 2sc.
Rnd 36: As per pattern.
Rnd 37: 3sc, inc, * (6sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 3sts - finish the round with 3sc.
Rnd 38: As per pattern.
Rnd 39: 4sc, inc, * (8sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 4sts - finish the round with 4sc.
Rnd 40 and beyond: As per pattern.
So - the pattern hasn’t been altered at all!
You’ve simply moved the increases on all of the ‘even’ rounds and all ‘odd’ rounds remain the same.

Skin colour to half way through Rnd 12, then royal blue to the end of the arm.
I added a length of chain in royal blue around sleeve.

I shaped a length of wire into the glasses shape. To keep them in place. I bent the ends of the glasses arms in towards the head….making sure to not leave any sharp points. Stitch along the first inch or so of the glasses arms to secure to the head and ensure that they don’t accidentally fall/pull out.

Standard hair cap.

A loose version of the actual design logo, I free-handed using white DMC Embroidery Thread.

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November 18 2018
November 20 2018
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