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Lil' Sailor
January 6 2019
January 8 2019
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Lil' Sailor
Weebee Standard Size Baby Doll by Laura Tegg
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)
Various 8ply Acrylic Yarns

This Lil’ Sailor is setting sail to it’s new home in Germany! :)

Chosen skin colour.

Black for the boots to end of Rnd 12, skin colour to the end of the head.

To avoid increase lines on the bottom of the head, I ‘split’ or stagger the increases like this;
Up to Rnd 34: As per pattern.
Rnd 35: 2sc, inc, * (4sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 2sts - finish the round with 2sc.
Rnd 36: As per pattern.
Rnd 37: 3sc, inc, * (6sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 3sts - finish the round with 3sc.
Rnd 38: As per pattern.
Rnd 39: 4sc, inc, * (8sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 4sts - finish the round with 4sc.
Rnd 40 and beyond: As per pattern.
So - the pattern hasn’t been altered at all!
You’ve simply moved the increases on all of the ‘even’ rounds and all ‘odd’ rounds remain the same.

Hair Cap
Tan colour, finished with a round of reverse single crochet.

Sailor Hat
Using white, follow pattern for hair cap to end of Rnd 5, then work another increase round (4sc, inc), then work 2 rounds of dc and 1 round of sc, ch1, turn.

  • In the back loops only work 1rnd of sc, sl st to join, ch1.
  • Repeat previous round.
  • Working in both loops again, hdc around, sl st to join.
  • Work a further 4 rounds of hdc, sl st to join - finish off edge with a round of rev sc.
  • I added a chain stin navy yarn around the 4th round of hdc of the hat’s brim and over-sewed it to finish it off.

Made with navy yarn - I added 1 extra round of hdc to each trouser leg.

Striped Shirt
I used the hoodie pattern - no hood.
I worked ALL rows in hdc - first two rounds in white, then alternated navy blue and white - finishing with a white round….ending at the end of Rnd 9.
I stitched together the opening at the back.
First two rounds in white, then one round of navy, finish with a round of white hdc.

Square Collar
Using white, ch16 - sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc to end, ch1, turn.
Work 5 rows of hdc.
Ch 2, 3dc, 1hdc, 5sl st, 1sc, 1hdc, 3dc, ch2, turn.
*** Work 2dc, ch2, turn - repeat 7 times.
Work 2dc together, finish off. ***

For other side - reattach yarn to other top corner of collar and repeat from *** to *** , DO NOT CUT YARN - ch1, sl st around the outer edge of the whole collar to neaten the edge, finish off.

I used red yarn and stitched a line of chain stitch around the square side of the collar, then over-sewed to make a neater line.

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January 6 2019
January 8 2019
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