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'Roger Houston' - Astronaut
May 17 2018
May 20 2018
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'Roger Houston' - Astronaut
Weebee Standard Size Baby Doll by Laura Tegg
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)
2.5 mm
Carnival Acrylic 8 ply
Carnival Acrylic 8 ply

Little Green Man pattern here;


I made the standard doll pattern - black yarn to the end of Rnd 12, start Rnd 13 with the cream or white and make the rest of the doll in cream/white.
Arms also cream/white.

I made crochet cord with black yarn to stitch around the top of each boot using this Planet June tutorial;

I used metallic threads to add details to the suit here and there - a small circle of silver with a chain of purple to look like a planet on the front of the suit and on the backpack.
Sleeve patches are small rectangles. I added a row of black stitching around the arms to give the look of gloved hands and added a belt.

For the face of the space helmet, I made an oval-ish circle in black until it was the size that i wanted. I then finished it off with a round of white sc, then a round of slip stitches, then a round of sc in the slip stitches and finished off the white - leaving a long tail to stitch the face onto the helmet. I then used a double thread of silver metallic yarn to work a round of reverse sc around the helmet face and finished that off.
Once the helmet face was stitched in place, I brushed out some pieces of cream yarn and needle felted some lines to make it appear shiny or reflective - I used a few pics from Google as a guide….you could stitch these lines instead.

For the ear pieces (make 2);
Cream/white yarn - 6sc in a magic ring, increasing until you finish the (5sc, inc) round, then work 1 round of sc in the back loops only, then a further two rounds of sc, finish off - leave a long tail for sewing to either side of the head. I stuffed the ear pieces with quilters batting (wadding) cut into circles - it’s sits flatter than normal stuffing. I added a row of metallic yarn stitching around the outside of each ear piece.

I made a rectangle block shape and added some detailing with metallic thread. I also stuffed the backpack with quilters batting (wadding) cut into rectangles.
I used metallic thread, a 2.5mm hook and the same crochet cord for the oxygen hoses and a circle for where they connect to the front of the suit and the bottom of the backpack.

Cream/white rectangle, add on blue circle. I Googled a ‘NASA’ flag image and roughly copied that. I stitched the flag to a length of dowel with a wooden bead on top.

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May 17 2018
May 20 2018
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