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'Sunflower' WeeBee
September 26 2018
September 30 2018
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'Sunflower' WeeBee
Weebee Standard Size Baby Doll by Laura Tegg
Hooks & yarn
3.5 mm (E)

Skin colour to half way into Rnd 7, then green.

Legs/body/head colours;
I made the standard doll pattern - brown (soil colour) yarn to the end of Rnd 12 for the boots, start Rnd 13 with the green for the body and the head in your chosen skin colour.

To avoid increase lines on the bottom of the head, I ‘split’ or stagger the increases like this;
Up to Rnd 34: As per pattern.
Rnd 35: 2sc, inc, * (4sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 2sts - finish the round with 2sc.
Rnd 36: As per pattern.
Rnd 37: 3sc, inc, * (6sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 3sts - finish the round with 3sc.
Rnd 38: As per pattern.
Rnd 39: 4sc, inc, * (8sc, inc) * repeat from * to * to last 4sts - finish the round with 4sc.
Rnd 40 and beyond: As per pattern.
So - the pattern hasn’t been altered at all!
You’ve simply moved the increases on all of the ‘even’ rounds and all ‘odd’ rounds remain the same.

I made crochet cord with brown yarn to stitch around the top of each boot and leaf green for around the neck using this Planet June tutorial;

I used this (paid) beautiful pattern for the sunflower; .
I worked the pattern to the end of Rnd 7, then worked the ‘petal’ rounds (18, 19 & 20).
I used brown for the middle, a burnt orange for the inner petals, brighter orange for the middle petals and a yellow for the outer petals.

I used this pattern for the leaves;
This is a FREE pattern for a sunflower and leaves….you could use that as an alternative to the paid pattern if you wish….would still be cute!
I made 5 leaves for the hat and a smaller leaf for the front.

Start with 6sc and increase each round until you reach 9(sc, inc) round, then work a few rounds of sc until the hat is as long as you’d like, then work a round of (1sc, inc) to create the turned-out hat look. I finished with a round of reverse sc.

Using this tutorial as a guide;
I made 5 curls for hair.

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September 26 2018
September 30 2018
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