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Definitely Me/Susan
May 3 2015
July 7 2016
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Definitely Me/Susan
Definitely Susan by Josée Paquin
who else? me--Susan
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
US 7 - 4.5 mm
madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK
169 yards in stash
6.25 skeins = 1406.3 yards (1285.9 meters)
ImagiKnit in San Francisco, California
June 2015

I love the colors in this yarn, but… It has no elasticity and does run thick and thin. Oh well. Used the size 6 for the garter stitch collar then changed to size 7 for the body. Need to remember to switch back to size 6 for cuffs and bottom. I may run short of yarn. Using a smaller needle might stretch what I’ve got, besides tightening up the garter stitch a bit.
I followed the pocket instructions for the first bit, ended up with a small overlay for the left pocket. Instructions said to “k the body sts” next. I knit the center section (the back and two sides minus the 10 st button bands and 6 sts of the body) for the specified rows. Put pocket sts on either side of this center section on hold for the 2 pocket linings. Knit the other small overlay for the right pocket.
see photo Had stitches on hold on 5 needles and 2 stitch holders: one for each pocket overlay, one for the back, one for each pocket lining and two for the sleeves.
Next I knit across the left pocket overlay, across the back sts and across the right pocket overlay. Continued for the specified number of rows, then knit the pocket linings for the same number of rows, finished by knitting the pocket linings and pocket overlays together on the next row of the sweater.
Don’t see anything about sewing the pocket linings down on the side. ?? But I sewed them down all around, except for the bottoms which were knit together.
Just in case it helps--I ran out of yarn. I had enough with the 4 skeins to knit the sweater and about 4” of each sleeve. I found three more skeins in the same colorway at an online yarn shop. It was good that I bought them all. Only one skein even slightly matched what I used for the sweater. Since I had about 100 yards of the original yarn left before starting the sleeves, I alternated that every couple of rounds with the one slightly matching skein. It worked out ok. The sleeves get darker toward the cuff but it doesn’t look bad.
Now I have two skeins left to use for the scarf, but they have a lot of the salmon-pink in them.
This sweater weighs 460 g.


Started the scarf today, using a size 7 interchangeable metal circular needle.


One repeat of scarf is 2” in length, unblocked. I should block the first half and see how long it is. I need about 33” per half. Only 3 repeats done so far, 11 more to go. I will have to use the leftovers from other hanks to have enough yarn. Will alternate between hanks since the colors vary so much.


Ten days to finish the first half. Can probably finish scarf by the end of the month, now that I have memorized the pattern.


I think the scarf would be best if grafted after the 7th row of the pattern. I’ll finish the other half and let you know.


I grafted it in the lace pattern, with the graft row being the 8th row of the last repeat of each half (after 7 rows, as I said in previous note). Worked fine. Wasn’t as easy as the pattern method, but there aren’t three plain rows at the join this way.

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May 3 2015
July 7 2016
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