Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket
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Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket

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Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket by Julie Harrison
CAL Vanna Group
Ideally hoping for 5'x6' or thereabouts
Hooks & yarn
5.0 mm (H)
Lion Brand Vanna's Choice

Update May 14:
I’ve finished the swap so now I’m working back on this blanket again. The afghan is measuring a little over 5’ across.

Start February 9:
I’m hoping to get this to be a 5’x6’ afghan or about that size. I am a little nervous with the projects that I’ve seen and others’ notes. I’m a little (okay a lot) anal about having straight edges and in my experience doing these kinds of stitches all one on side makes it pull a little. I want to avoid having to block if necessary. So I’m going to try to compensate for the rows that don’t turn.

Therefore, I am using the blanket as the basic inspiration and kind of going off on own my own. Here’s my interpretation:

H hook: chain 200 + 2 for first chain, so ch 202 (antique rose)

Row 1: hdc across, turn (antique rose)
Row 2: hdc across, turn (beige)
Row 3: hdc across, turn (pea green)
Row 4: hdc across, turn (dusty purple)
Row 5: hdc across, turn (kelly green)
Row 6: hdc across, turn (tweed brown)
Row 7: hdc across, turn (antique rose)

Granny Stripes
Row 8: ch 1, dc in first sp, sk 2, 2 dc in next, sk 2 across, end with dc in last sp, turn (sapphire)
Row 9: repeat row 8 in spaces across, turn (pea green)
Row 10: repeat row 9 in spaces across, turn (honey)

Row 11 hdc in first stitch, sk 2nd st, dc in next sp across, turn (dusty purple)
Row 12 hdc across, turn (beige)
Row 13 sc across, turn (antique rose)
Row 14 hdc across, turn (pea green)

Row 15 for my chevron, I am making a few alterations in order to keep the stitch count even. So mine goes like this: hdc, sc, hdc, sk 1 st, 3 tc in next, sk 1 st repeat across, turn. (kelly green)
Row 16 for the next row, in the same color: sl st in sc, sk next st, hdc in next, 3 hdc in center tc, hdc in next, sk next st, sl st in sc across, turn. (kelly green)
Row 17 to even the chevron/wave: dc in sl st, hdc in next, sc in next 3, hdc, dc across, turn. (beige)
Row 18 hdc across, turn (sapphire)

Row 19 dc in first, sk 1 st, v-stitch in next (dc, ch1, dc); sk 2, v-stitch in next across; dc in last, turn (antique rose)
Row 20 dc in first, v-stitch in v-stitch across, dc in last, turn (pea green)
Row 21 hdc in first st, 2 hdc in middle of v-stitch, 1 hdc in sp between Vs across, hdc in last st, turn (brown tweed)

Various Stripes
Row 22 hdc across, turn (dusty purple)
Row 23 sc across, turn (beige)
Row 24 dc across, turn (pea green)
Row 25 hdc across, turn (antique rose)
Row 26 sc across, turn (kelly green)

Row 27 dc in first, sk 3, 4dc in next, sk 3; end with a dc, turn (honey)
Row 28 sc in first 3 st, in between clusters and instead of sc in 4th st of cluster, extend sc; across, turn (sapphire)
Row 29 sc across, turn (beige)
Row 30 2 dc in first, sk 3, dc cluster as in row 27 in between, above extended sc from row 28 across, turn (antique rose)
Row 31 as row 28, turn (pea green)

Various Stripes
Row 32 hdc across, turn (brown tweed)
Row 33 dc across, turn (honey)
Row 34 hdc across, turn (sapphire)

Row 35 sc in first, hdc in next st, dc in next, tc in next, tc in next, dc in next, hdc in next across, turn (dusty purple)
Row 36 sc across, turn (antique rose)
Row 37 (match to row 35 and work opposites) Back Loop Only: in tc from row 35, work sc, in dc work hdc, in hdc work dc and in sc work tc - the opposite to balance out the wave; across, turn (this row makes this the right side from here on out) (beige)
Row 38 sc across, turn (antique rose)
Row 39 front loop only hdc across, turn (pea green)
Row 40 dc across, turn (kelly green)

Row 41 now that I’ve officially established a right and wrong side, I am going back to do the beginning chevron from the blog. So - to turn it back to the RS, this is a row of sc across, turn (beige)
Row 42 as in the pattern: hdc, dc, 3tc, dc, hdc, sc across - do NOT turn (beige)
Row 43 starting from the same side as previous row on RS, as pattern: attach with sc in first, 1 sc in next 2, 3 sc at top, sc in next 2, scdec among next 3 following chevron across, turn (tweed brown)
Row 44 (WS) same as pattern - same as row 43, turn (tweed brown)
Row 45 (RS) opposite row 43, as pattern is written, with trc3together at lowest 3 stitches, dc, hdc, sc, hdc, dc across, turn (pea green)

Row 46 front loop only hdc across, turn (sapphire)
Row 47 hdc across, turn (dusty purple)
Row 48 dc across, turn (honey)
Row 49 sc across, do NOT turn (antique rose)
Row 50 back loop only hdc across, do NOT turn (beige)

Row 51 (RS) 1 dc skip 1, 3dc, trc in skipped sp to make a diagonal across, do NOT turn (kelly green)
Row 52 sc across, do NOT turn (pea green)
Row 53 back loop only hdc across, turn

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