Heart ❤ Garland
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Heart ❤ Garland

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Springtime in my Heart by Daniela Herbertz
DecorativeHanging Ornament
Home sweet home
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
Red Heart Super Saver Solids

Made for the Valentine Crafty Hookers CAL.

Made with a G hook, the hearts turned out a little over 7” and the circles are 5”.

I didn’t put a back on any of them.

Embellishment for heart with red border: white embroidery in center

Embellishment for heart with purple border: small balls (ch 4, 1 sc in each ch, FO) at the end of each petal.

Embellishment for heart with green border: blanket stitch embroidery around center and around border. Shell border as follows: dc 5, skip. Repeat around.

Embellishment for circle with pink border: embroidery in center. Flower petal border as follows: sc, hdc in first st; dc, tc, dc in second; hdc, sc in third, skip one sp. Repeat around.

Embellishment for circle with purple border: pink embroidery in center; woven embroidery with white to make “x”s around border. Border as follows: ch 3, sc in next - around.

Embellishment for circle with white border: changed border to: dc, ch 1, sk 1 - repeat around.

Embellishment for circle with blue border: small embroidery in center.

My friend of mine loves all things new age, and she had a psychic come by for a house blessing. On a whim, she asked if I wanted a reading for my home, and I said, sure why not?

Well, there’s no ghosties here or anything like that, but she told me my front entrance was a collecting place for anxious energy and that I should brighten it up and make it beautiful. That evening, this CAL was suggested and I thought it would be the perfect little decoration to put in my hall.

So instead of wall hangings, I made it into a garland. My kids and I will string it up on ❤ Valentine’s day ❤ as our little project of the day - and I’ll add the final photo then :)

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