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Zerlina & Vilhelmina
1 The Doll's body by Arne & Carlos
Needles & yarn
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
Dale Garn Falk
Sandnes Garn Mor Aase Superwash
Sandnes Garn Smart

Modifications and tips for next time:

  • Knitting two dolls at the same time using magic loop. Knit four feet on dpn, then knit all legs and both bodies simultaneously on circulars. Similarly I knit hands on dpn, arms and raglan decreases on magic loop, and head on dpn.
  • Heels are worked over 7 stitches
  • Neck support; Bought wooden dowels at Clas Ohlson, plopped it into the neck just before head increases start, and then tucked as much filling around it as I could. For next time I would probably buy longer ones.
  • Defined chin using InekeVerbakel method. A great modification, because it moves the increase-lines farther away from the mouth (see picture 5&6)
  • Crochet eyes with emroidery yarn. Definitely prefer these to the knit eyes
  • Knit ears (pattern here), because they are cute
  • Knit skullcap under hair (Pattern here)
  • Found sewing together between the legs a little difficult. I was most happy with the result when I sewed into the top of each CO-edge, like a figure 8.
  • Used approximately 100 grams of tops for each doll, and could actually have used a little bit more

Jan 17th: finished fourth foot
Jan 20th: Finished legs, knit them together, finished torso up to the arms.
Jan 21st: Finished fourth hand
Jan 23rd: Finished raglan decreases. Switching to DPNs and knitting the heads separately.
Jan 28th: Finished both heads, including eyes and ears. Only hair, mouth and clothes remaining :D Used every last scrap of skin colored yarn - it would not have been enough if I hadn’t knit underwear in different yarn.
Feb 15th: Finally got around to finishing the hair.

A collection page for the dolls’ clothes with more info can be found here.

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January 16 2014
February 15 2014
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