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Groovyghan for Annabel
April 1 2011
April 26 2011
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Groovyghan for Annabel
Groovyghan by Tracy St. John
Hooks & yarn
3.75 mm (F)
Double Knitting Wool from Stash

Details of squares made in this blanket and links to relevant sources can also be found on my Groovyghan for Ann and Ben and Groovyghan for Susie Project Pages. I have highlighted any techniques I have used so you can find them easily
All stitches are U S terms
This is the second Groovyghan and is for my Granddaughter Annabel who is 6 years old (photos 2/3). She saw Aunty Susies Blanket and wanted one too.
I am making this one in more muted colours.

I have started with the daisy squares and have finished them off with shell stitch, for ease of joining as you go. All details are on my Groovyghan for Susie project page.

I have almost completed the granny squares and then on to the flower squares, which I intend to make a little less three dimensional this time, researching the flower patterns at the moment.

Finished the granny squares and now on to the flower squares. I have settled for a Japanese type flower finished off with the shell stitch. I got the idea for the Japanese flower technique here, by Elizabeth Cat, but made mine slightly smaller, leaving out one row. (I did purchase the Japanese Flower book, but had a little difficulty in reading the chart).

This is the way I did my Japanese Flower: I only did 8 petals, rather than 12.

Row 1 Ch 6 and join
Row 2 Change colour,4ch, dc, ch 2, dc until 8 holes and join.
Row 3. Change colour 4 dc into each ch2 space and join.
Row 4. Change colour Join between 1st and 2nd dc of any 4 dc group. Ch 5, sl st between 3rd and 4th dc, sl st into next 1st and 2nd stich, as in Elizabeth Cats pattern.
Row 5. Sl. st into loop, ch 3, 7 dcs , sl st into sl. st in between 4dc shells all around.
Row 6 Join next colour at the back of the petal of previous row with sl st to the st each side of each petal, ch 5 and join to the next st each side of the next petal all around and join.
Row 7 Sl st into first ch 5 space and ch 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc (corner), then in next 5 ch space, 3 dc, next 5 ch space, 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc (corner) , next one 3 dc, next one, 3dc, ch 2 3dc (corner), in next 3 dc. So you have your square, with 4 corners and 1 3dc shell in between each corner.
Then you continue increasing as usual until the square is the right size

I have finished the flower squares and joined them, I sc along the edge with the colour of each square, so that when I start my strips of pattern, it looks neater.

I am researching the pattern for the strips now. I may go with the bobble pattern again, or may be a ripple, as I am not going to do a ripple border on this one.

Have decided on a zig zag design, 2sc, 2hdc, 2dc, 2 tc, 2dc, 2hdc, 2sc sequence and changing the colour every row, but starting on the same row each time, I think it gives a neater look. Will probably do the bobble stitch as on Susies Groovyghan for the other strip.

Bobble row (These are for my blanket, you will have to work out how many stitches needed for yours, depending on how many squares you are doing. Mine is 9 squares in d.k. yarn:112 stitches 24 x 5 - 23 x 4 sts)
R.S. 1 row of dc.
Bobble Row W.S. Dc into 5 sts, bobble into next yo, insert through st, pick up loop, yo, pull through 2 sts, repeat 4 more times, until 5 sts. on hook, then yo pull through 2 loops, yo and pull through remaining sts, dc into next 5 sts.

I have joined all the stips now, but think that it is a little narrow, so I have decided to add some small squares to both sides. The squares are quarter granny squares, I don’t know whether to just add one strip or two to both sides. Decided on just one.

I have removed the zig-zag stip, it was a big mistake. The ends of the rows ended up very wavy and after joining it trying to add the border, I decided that I couldn’t live with it, so removed it, I wouldn’t mind but it took me 4 nights to crochet!!

I will do another bobble strip instead.

For the border I did two rows of shells and 1 row of dc 3, 2 ch dc 3, sc into next space. dc3 2ch 3dc at corners.

All done and dusted in 25 days. Now on to my next one. This is for my sister and brother-in-law who celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in July. I may do two for them for their camper van.

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April 1 2011
April 26 2011
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