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Luscious Cabbages
February 7 2014
February 12 2014
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Luscious Cabbages
Rodekool by Nancy Marchant
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I’ll use the leftovers and tails from my Luscious Sweater

CAST ON! - New cast on - Two color Italian. Hope I did that right!

Well thus far have seriously practiced Italian 2 color cast on. And today we learned how to tick back some rows of 2 color brioche.

But I’m several inches along past the first keyhole so that’s alright!

Well it took 2 swears and an exasperated sigh thus far, but I’m 14 inches along in my main section! Just antoher 3 inches and then onto the second keyhole and tail!

The issue I run into is that sometimes I think my brain gets into its pattern and then runs into one of the “not brioche” stitches in the pattern and throws an error message - a false positive.

And BOUND OFF! Now Blocking. Will update with photos as soon as its dry. -- Still have several partial balls of Tidepool Heather…..

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February 7 2014
February 12 2014
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