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The Excellent Beauty of Spring
Beauty In Excellence 9"/12" Afghan Block Square by Margaret MacInnis
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)

For my Whispers of Spring Sampler.
Using the Canada Goose block border.

Maybe it’s just me, but I found parts of this block a little tricky, at first. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me where to put the hook when crocheting the “X” stitches. Looking at zoomed-in photos of other people’s finished blocks helped, as well as going with a certain amount of “crochet instinct”. ;o)

Of course, once you understand the X’s, they aren’t so tough, and the scallops (CLGRPs, according to the pattern) are fun to crochet. (I love scallops!)

I crocheted in the “back bump” (behind/below the back loop) on some rounds to add even more texture, and I like the look. I wish I’d done that on Rnd 3, too, so if I ever crochet this again, maybe I’ll remember to try it then…

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November 20 2016
November 22 2016
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