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"Best in Show" Scrubbers
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Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)

Full disclosure: These have never won “best in show” or any other award. (I wonder if any crocheted dish scrubber has ever won an award… (g)) They just remind me of the rosettes you see on the first-, second-, etc.-place ribbons awarded at county fairs and the like.

I started out planning to follow a motif pattern in Beyond the Square, but I soon changed my mind and just improvised it.

Basic pattern:

I use a magic loop / sliding loop to begin.

Rnd 1: ch 4, # dc, ch 1, # repeat from # to # until you have six chain spaces, join to third chain in initial ch-4.

Rnd 2: sl st into first ch space, ch 3, FPdc around next dc, # dc in ch space, FPdc around next dc #, repeat from # to # around and join.

Rnd 3: ch 3 and dc in top of first st, # FPdc around next FPdc, 2 dc in next st #, repeat from # to # around and join.

Rnd 4: ch 3, 2 dc in next st, # FPdc around next FPdc, dc in next st, 2 dc in next st #, repeat from # to # around, join.

This makes a small dish scrubber, but if you want to continue the pattern to make a bigger one, just continue increasing once between each FPdc each round. I think that will keep the circle relatively flat.

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March 20 2012
March 21 2012
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