Crimson Watch Cap
November 4, 2013
November 8, 2013

Crimson Watch Cap

Project info
Classic World War II Watch Cap by Helen Waittes
HatBeanie, Toque
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Red Heart Super Saver (Solids)

I’m not 100% sure how this will turn out. If it doesn’t seem “right” for the recipient when it’s finished, I may either donate it to charity or unravel it.

I’m using yarn I already had on hand, since it’s a bit of a rush. I wanted to use acrylic for easy care, and this was the best match to the color I had in mind. I hope it won’t be too scratchy. I’ll pre-wash it when it’s done, and even right out of the skein, it’s not the terribly stiff version of RHSS that you sometimes come across.

After reading that the hat turns out on the large side for a lot of knitters, I’ll start with the medium size and see how that looks.

Using Twisted German (Old Norwegian) cast-on.

Worked about 5 inches of 2x2, because I’d read that (and seen examples where) the full 6-inch-length of 2x2 was rather too much-- but now I kind of wish I’d kept going for another inch.

Did the plain 6x2 ribbing for the bulk to keep it simple and completely unobjectionable from a manly perspective. ;o)

For the decreasing, because I used the medium-size cast-on, I worked down to 4-5-5 stitches-- not “per needle”, though, as I did the whole thing using the magic loop method. (I don’t even own a single dpn.)

Overall, a nice pattern. It’s easy and versatile, so it’s clear why it’s been an enduring favorite. I’d like to try it again with wool or a wool blend, though.

I think I finally understand why so many knitters hate acrylic yarn. I’ve knitted dish scrubbers and a cowl with acrylic-- it was fine for the scrubbers and a little less thrilling for the cowl-- but this was the first hat, and it’s just kind of disappointing to work with. This acrylic (maybe others are better) had so little “give” or “bounce” that much of the knitting felt a bit uncomfortable, and the finished product doesn’t “hug” like it think it would have with wool. Doesn’t feel as cozy as the wool hats I’ve knitted, either. (Horrors! I think I’m turning into a yarn snob! Fortunately, I still love crocheting with acrylic for afghans and such…)

I hope this will at least fit the recipient. I could extend an offer to knit another in wool or wool-blend (and with any suggested tweaks for fit/style)-- but I doubt he’d take me up on it. (I’m sure he already has other hats, and he likely doesn’t wear hats that often, period.) Anyway, it’s the thought that counts. I didn’t want to give just cash, so this is an “in addition” type of gift-- and I thought the recipient might appreciate the history behind the pattern/finished object. We’ll see…

Still have to weave in the ends, wash/dry, and wrap…

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November 4, 2013
November 8, 2013
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