Alas, Poor Yorick!
August 29, 2013
August 31, 2013

Alas, Poor Yorick!

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Filet Skull Doily by Maria Merlino
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1.65 mm
Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co. America's Best Country Cotton Crochet Thread Size 10

This is my first time trying filet crochet. Do they all suggest extended double crochet? Because this is also my first time trying “edc”, and I have to say, I don’t love it. I much prefer dc… Oh well. I might endure the extended double crochet for the sake of an especially pretty pattern…

I had fun with the filet portion of this! Once you get into it, the edc isn’t so bad (though it still takes longer than dc), and it’s neat to see the picture emerge.

The edging didn’t really work for me, as written-- or at least, as I read it-- so I did some counting and figured out for myself where/how to start it, and it more-or-less worked out evenly. (I was one stitch short on the second round, but I don’t think it will be noticeable.) For the last round, I put only one chain between double crochets, rather than the two indicated.

A few things I’ve learned (tips for next time I try filet):
--Don’t forget that you’re working back and forth, so count from alternating sides. In this project, it’s mostly symmetrical, and the only part that’s not won’t really matter whether it’s one way or the other, but I can imagine that in some more intricate patterns, this is a Big Deal.

-- Maybe make the starting chain with a larger hook than you plan to use for the rest of the project. I thought about it, decided not to bother, and now… Well, it’s not too bad, but a larger hook would’ve helped.

-- For this project, I just crocheted over the chains rather than into them, except for the first edc in each solid section, which I figured would help “anchor” the other stitches into place. I now suspect that it might have looked slightly nicer if I’d been crocheting into the chains, but since I started with the other method, I’ll stick with it. But next time…

-- According to what I’ve read, you can do filet with dc, edc, or even tr-- all with the same number of chains (i.e. no adjusting up for the tr). I can’t quite picture how it would work with trebles, but maybe… The edc are supposed to make the squares more square-like, but it really depends on the individual crocheter and personal preference.

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August 29, 2013
August 31, 2013
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