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ArtDeco Mysteryghan 2014
June 28 2014
October 20 2014
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ArtDeco Mysteryghan 2014
Deco'Ghan by Julie Yeager
our home
Hooks & yarn
5.0 mm (H)

This a stash-busting project. I’ll try to use up some vintage yarn that was given to me, supplemented with yarn I’ve bought for the stash over the years.

The placeholder photo shows (at least some of) the yarn I’ll be using: peach, avocado green, harvest gold, dark forest green, teal, pumpkin. I’ve since added a paler green to the mix.

If I were doing this again (which I’m not), I’d definitely use more colors. I think the examples with added color changes look more interesting-- but then again, I love scrap afghans, so the more color, the merrier. It makes a lot more work, with all those extra ends to weave in, of course…

I’ve deviated from the pattern in a few places-- mostly just as regards color, and usually because I have a limited supply of some of these colors and am trying to distribute them evenly (and avoid the “harvest gold” touching the peach).

Decided to substitute a square of my own devising for the “bricks” square. Just a matter of taste, but I wanted something different.

UGH. Joining is not fun. This right here is why I prefer crocheting afghans where the motifs are all the same and match perfectly in size/number of stitches. I’ll finish it, eventually. And then it may take another month or two to make myself finish the border. ;o)

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June 28 2014
October 20 2014
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