Emmalynn in Spring
November 30, 2016
December 1, 2016

Emmalynn in Spring

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Emmalynn Square 12" by Carolyn Christmas
Afghan block
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)

For my Whispers of Spring Sampler.
Using the Canada Goose block border.

This is such a pretty, floral pattern, and it has an interesting construction. The separated corners make more ends to weave, but the results are very nice.

I basically “doubled” Rnd 2 by working it twice in two different colors, in an attempt to fill in some of the gaps. It worked out ok, but it would’ve been easier to just “dc 2” in each stitch of Rnd 1, if I’d thought of doing that before cutting the yarn…

Changed up the last two rounds slightly. Instead of two rounds of dc, the first is hdc and the second is htr in back bump only.

Went back and added some single crochet “surface crochet” to the edge of the last “petal round”-- an effort to add some textural oompf.

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November 30, 2016
December 1, 2016
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